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5 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast 

5 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Planning on selling your home? If so, conventional wisdom states you’re best off doing it quickly.

For starters, selling your house fast allows you to move on with your life. Beyond that, it means fewer days of keeping the home in perfect condition. Plus, you won’t have to leave every time your agent brings a potential buyer on a tour.

Selling a home fast can be a matter of timing, but it also depends on many other factors. Here are five tips to keep in mind before putting your house up for sale.

1. Hire an Agent

Hiring a real estate agent is one of those investments that almost always pays off. Ideally, you’d hire someone who knows the local market and has a proven track record.

A real estate agent can do more than negotiate the best price for your home. They’ll know how to market your home, write up a great real estate listing, and schedule showings. They also likely know a photographer who can take top-notch photos of the house.

2. Add Curb Appeal

When putting your home on the market, it’s essential to make a good first impression. The best way to do that is to boost your curb appeal, as that’s the first thing prospective buyers will see.

Of course, curb appeal efforts depend on the current state of your house. You could paint your front door, fix broken light fixtures, plant new flower beds, and so on. If your exterior looks nice, the buyer will know you’ve been taking care of the place.

3. Clean and Declutter

While you’re adding curb appeal, don’t forget to clean your house top to bottom. Buyers want to picture themselves in this space, and this won’t be easy if your house is a mess.

You could also rearrange the furniture to allow guests to move through the house freely. If nothing else, put some of your bulkier items in storage. Consider hiring a stager to assist you with the process.

4. Price to Sell

When it comes to putting your home up for sale, pricing it competitively is essential. The higher the price, the longer your home will be on the market.

Your agent can help you set a realistic price by researching the comps in your area. Pricing your home a bit lower can help with sparking interest or even starting a bidding war. If you really need to sell fast, you may want to sell your house as is.

5. Sweeten the Deal

Another way to sell a house fast is to sweeten the pot by offering something else. Many buyers are looking for a deal, so you’ll want to make them feel they get one.

One thing you can do is pay the closing cost—or at least some of it. Another idea is to offer transferrable home warranty coverage. This provides a discount on many repair and replacement services, making the purchase seem safer.

More on Selling Your Home

Selling your home can get stressful, particularly on a tight deadline. That said, the above tips can help you speed up the process while still getting a good deal. If you don’t have a big budget, focus on making a good first impression.

Want to make sure you’ve done everything you could before putting your house on the market? Keep reading our Real Estate content for more actionable advice!

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