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5 Essential Baby Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure 

5 Essential Baby Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

There’s no faster way to get from point A to point B than flying. When you have a baby in tow, the flight can feel twice as long.

You can make flying with a baby go much more smoothly if you follow a few basic guidelines. Keep reading to learn the best baby travel trips for you and your wee loved ones. 

1. Avoid Layovers

You and your baby will appreciate the trip much more if you can book a direct flight and avoid layovers. While babies tolerate flying, the take-offs and landings wreak havoc on their ears. If you can minimize the number of take-offs and landings your baby endures, you, your baby, and all of the other passengers will enjoy the trip much more. 

If you cannot score a direct flight, look for a flight that gives you a long layover. Shoot for around a two-to-three-hour stretch of time at the airport. This gives you a chance to change a diaper and let your older children take a walk. 

2. Book a Good Seat

You and your baby will do best in first class. Few people can afford this luxury, though. So if you cannot book a first-class ticket, try to book the front-row bulkhead seats. 

These seats have more room for your things. You may even be able to fit a small bassinet in the space so your baby can rest once you’ve completed takeoff. 

3. Layer Up

Put both yourself and your baby in layers. This allows you and your child to adapt to the ever-changing temperatures in airports and airplanes. You need layers because an infant on your lap will heat you up. 

If your child ends up having a leaky diaper, you’ll have extra clothes for them as well. 

4. Use a Baby Carrier

A baby carrier allows your child to rest snugly against you while you still have both hands for carrying bags or holding onto a toddler. Your baby will feel secure because they’re right next to your chest. 

Use a carrier sling that is ergonomic and allows you to take walks at the airport comfortably. 

5. Carry Essentials

Make a list of the essential items you’ll need when flying with a baby. This hot-to-travel-with-a-baby list and emergency kit will save you in more than one way. 

You’ll need a bag for baby gear. Make sure it has a wide opening so you can see the contents immediately. Here’s what you should put on your list: 

  • Formula or breast pumped milk
  • Diapers, wipes, and a changing mat
  • Baby foot and spoon
  • A change of baby clothes
  • Baby medication if necessary

These essentials will make traveling with a baby simple, whether you’re in a motor vehicle or an airplane. Ask your mom-of-infant friends for more info on what they’d put on their list. 

Embrace Baby Travel Tips Today

These baby travel tips will save you money, time, and sanity. Begin by booking a direct flight or at least a flight that has long layovers. Then select your seat carefully and bring along the right infant carrying hardware. 

Finally, include your infant-essential bag with everything you’ll need in an emergency. 

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