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Why You Need to Consider the Tesla Model Y Electric SUV 

Why You Need to Consider the Tesla Model Y Electric SUV

Unlike the more gimmick-oriented Plaid models and radical Falcon doors, the Model Y is a practical, family-focused electric SUV. It’s not a sports car, but it handles nicely and offers better fuel efficiency than most rival EV SUVs. Its dual-motor layout and 303 miles of range give it an edge over the competition. Combined with the trusty Supercharger network, this makes it a real contender in the growing EV SUV market.

Extremely Flexible

With its long-range, easy access to charging and smart safety systems, the used Tesla Model Y for sale is still a good fit for anyone who wants to move beyond gas. And it’s more affordable than buying brand-new EV SUVs. It’s also more versatile with a raised seating position and plenty of room for family or cargo.

Plus, there’s the option of a third row that boosts seating capacity to seven. Its unique features include Summon Mode, which lets you call the car from a parking lot, and its app, which allows you to remotely heat or cool the cabin, send electronic keys to friends and track its location. All of which help ease range anxiety for many drivers.

Extremely Fast Acceleration

Unlike some electric cars that are nippy around town but soon run out of steam on the highway, the Model Y feels fast and can zip from a complete stop to 60 mph in just three seconds. The range-topping Performance trim provides sporty thrills with 456 hp and a driving range of 303 miles.

The SUV’s low center of gravity and its battery weight being optimally placed beneath the floor help it to handle like a much smaller car. It’s also one of the safest vehicles on the market, earning a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The only drawback is that the Y feels less satisfying to drive than the Model 3 sedan on which it’s based. It feels clumsier on twisty roads, and its ride is rougher over bumps, especially with 21-inch wheels.

Extremely Efficient

The Model Y is one of the most energy-efficient SUVs on the market. The company recently posted a chart on Twitter that compares the small all-wheel drive Model Y to its competitors, and it’s clear the Model Y is in a class of its own. In standard guise, the Model Y is rated to travel up to 283 miles per charge.

When the battery does run out, it’s easy to recharge at any of Tesla’s more than 1,500 Supercharger locations. The process is quick and seamless compared to the often clunky experience of refilling a non-Tesla car. The Model Y also has some cool driver assistance features, making staying within the traffic flow easier.

Extremely Safe

With the Model Y, Tesla once again made safety boffins at Euro NCAP sit up and take notice, scoring an incredible five-star rating. It is largely thanks to the vehicle’s low center of gravity, which also helps with crash-test results, and its full suite of active and passive safety features, including blind-spot monitoring, autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping assist.

Those features can also be upgraded to give the SUV a level of self-driving capability, although Tesla warns drivers always to be ready to take control at any time. Other safety features include ISOFIX mounting points in the rear, an app-enabled ‘Sentry Mode’ and Summon, which can remotely bring your car out of parking and to you.

While these impressive safety credentials make the Model Y an extremely safe electric SUV, it has some drawbacks. For example, the price tag is steeper than rivals, and Tesla’s charging infrastructure can be lacking if you live in rural areas or regularly drive long distances.

Extremely Affordable

With a starting price of $46,990, the Model Y is much more affordable than the average new vehicle in America. It makes it an attractive alternative to traditional SUVs that offer similar capabilities.

The Model Y is one of the most efficient electric vehicles on the market and can drive up to 330 miles per charge in the Long Range model. It also offers a tow hitch and a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. An eight-year battery warranty also covers the Model Y.

Extremely Versatile

Tesla is known for creating gimmicky features like the Falcon doors and crazy-fast Plaid models, but the Model Y is all about practicality. The Y has room to seat seven, a big cargo area, and an NHTSA 5-star safety rating in every category.

The minimalist interior has a 15-inch touchscreen controlling all the important functions. It even includes outside-the-box entertainment functions like video games, a digital whoopee cushion, and Netflix to help owners pass the time while charging.

The Y’s battery pack is lower than in traditional SUVs, allowing it to handle corners more confidently. It can travel up to 330 miles between charges when driving with the Long Range version and 303 miles with the Performance. Over-the-air updates can also improve the car’s capabilities without the need for a visit to a dealership.

Extremely Comfortable

With its minimalist cabin and ridiculously convenient charging network, the Model Y is one of the most comfortable EVs. Blind spot warning and lane departure alert, buyers can add Enhanced Autopilot with features such as autonomous driving and parking.

Sentry Mode even detects when the vehicle is unattended and sends a notification to your smartphone. Since the Model Y has no physical buttons, almost every function is managed through the large infotainment display. It’s a nice setup, but it can feel distracting and requires some attention.

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