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5 Crucial Questions to Ask During Every Apartment Tour 

5 Crucial Questions to Ask During Every Apartment Tour

You’re moving out of your parents’ home and are ready to check out apartments. You should never sign a lease without walking through an apartment model first. While you’re looking around the place, don’t be shy about asking questions.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a unit during the apartment tour and sign a lease, only realize on moving day that you can’t bring your beloved furry friend. You can’t pay your rent if you don’t know how to pay it and you need to know what bills, if any, are included.

These aren’t the only things that are good to know ahead of time. Keep reading to learn more.

1. How Do I Pay My Rent? 

How do I pay my rent is the number one question you should ask when touring an apartment. You can’t pay your bill every month if you don’t know how to go about it. 

Some places prefer you write up a check, and others will take money orders. Some would like for you to use their online payment method, though that sometimes comes with a convenience fee attached.

2. Can I bring Fido? 

What should you ask before renting an apartment? Well, if you have a dog, that’s something to bring up. Many complexes have strict pet restrictions. 

You either can’t bring a furry friend at all, or their breed and weight are what will stop you. If they do allow pets, they’ll most likely have tons of fees in place. That can make or break your renting decision.  

Fieldstone Homes will help you find a place that’s perfect for you and fido without breaking your bank. 

3. Is Water Included?

Many times, certain utilities are included and are tacked on with your rent. These are usually water, trash pick up, and a parking garage. 

You’ll have to get your own electricity, internet, and cable. Some places include electricity to some extent. It’s good to know what’s covered so you can properly manage your bills each month. 

4. What Happens if the Rent is Late? 

Are you going to get kicked out of your apartment the second your rent is late, or do you have a little wiggle room? Most places don’t go to extremes. They’ll charge you a small fee for each day that you’re late, up to a certain point. 

If you’re two weeks late on your rent, your landlord might not be too understanding. They shouldn’t kick you out if you’re only two to three days late, however. 

5. Is Renters Insurance Required? 

Renters’ insurance requirements can vary from complex to complex. Some places want every single tenant to have it. They need them to be able to pay for possessions in the event of a fire. 

There are landlords who don’t care if you have it or not. 

Ask the Big Questions During Your Apartment Tour 

While you’re on your apartment tour, there are a few questions that you need to ask your guide. If you stay silent, you might get more than you bargained for once you signed the lease. Trust us, you don’t want any surprises during your stressful move-in day. 

Once you get settled into your apartment, it’s time to decorate. Check out the Home section of our blog to learn more.  

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