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3 Ways to Announce Your Child’s Upcoming College Graduation 

3 Ways to Announce Your Child’s Upcoming College Graduation

Every achievement calls for a celebration, and graduations are no different. After years of slaving away perusing books, your child deserves some celebration and appreciation for their efforts.

That’s why an impressive, tastefully done graduation announcement is essential. This is an event that should be commemorated and witnessed by friends, relatives, and even neighbors.

Even if the immediate family already knows about the upcoming event, sending out unique invitations to announce your child’s college graduation is a great way to inform everyone about it. If you are not sure how to announce your child’s college graduation to those far away, then the following ideas might prove helpful for you.

How To Announce College Graduation

When sending out a college graduation announcement, parents and graduates often wonder how to write about it or include it in the graduation invitation template. If you’re confused by this, then try out these ideas:


You can choose to work with any theme or tone that matches your personality or the circumstances surrounding your graduation. For instance, a more formal style depicts seriousness and professionalism.

When using this approach, avoid the use of slang or casual phrases. Instead, withdraw from your rich vocabulary and create impressive wordings in a formal style.

This will not only impress your readers but will also demonstrate your intellect. If you prefer a more informal approach, then you may address everyone by their first names and can even throw in slang or two.

Graduation Invitation Template

There are many printable or downloadable graduation invitation templates you can pick online.  You can easily access and choose a template that matches your child’s tastes, preferences, and graduation theme. If you’re unsure where to look, check out our comprehensive collection of college graduation party invitations and see if there’s something you like.

Graduation Particulars

Provide the details of your college graduation on the card. Share particulars such as your name, college, year, month, and date of graduation, and of course, the venue of the ceremony or party. A college and high school graduation invitations are pretty similar. The only difference is the degrees achieved. From our wide selection of different, be sure to choose a graduation invitation template that suits your needs.

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