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Roof Damaged After a Storm? Here’s What You Need to Do 

Roof Damaged After a Storm? Here’s What You Need to Do
Damaged roof

Are you a homeowner? If so, then your home is your place of shelter and solace from the outside world. That’s why you work hard to take care of it.

Severe weather can cause damage to your house in a hurry. Especially when you experience conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds. Your roof is particularly vulnerable during this type of extreme weather conditions.

A roof damaged by wind and rain can result in leaks and other problems if not repaired as soon as possible.

This article takes a look at steps for repairing storm damaged roofs. So keeping to learn how to keep your family warm and dry.

Identifying Signs of Damage

First of all, there are different types of damage to look for. These include water damage, wind damage, torn shingles, crumbling cement, missing or rusted guttering, or damage to your chimney.

Check for water buildup on the roof, dark water stains inside your home, peeling or bubbling wallpaper or paint, and musty smells inside your home or basement, or flooring that has begun to bubble or curl.

Document the Damage

Once you’ve identified signs of roof damage, it’s important to document your findings. This step is actually incredibly important because you don’t want to touch anything or begin repairs until you’ve adequately documented the damage for insurance purposes.

The documentation you gather will become crucial when it’s time to submit your insurance claim. Failing to provide documentation to your coverage provider could result in a lack of payout money for the necessary repairs.

Submit Your Insurance Claim

Now that you’ve totally documented the damage to your roof. The quicker the better. This way you can receive the funds as quickly as possible and begin making the repairs yourself or hire a professional.

Getting Estimates

Next, get estimates from at least two trusted contractors. They will come to your home to assess the damage and provide quotes for the cost of labor and materials needed to complete the repairs.

Speak to an Insurance Adjuster

An industry professional like Miller Public Adjusters can take a look at the damage and assess the cost of repairs. Just remember to speak with contractors before making an appointment with your adjuster.

Doing the Work

Once you’ve received the check from your insurance provider, it’s time to make the repairs. This is the time to decide whether to make this a DIY project or hire an experienced contractor.

After all, it’s important to get the necessary repairs completed as soon as possible in order to prevent more roofing damage from occurring. 

A Guide to Repairing a Roof Damaged In a Storm

Storms can cause a lot of damage very quickly. This can result in expensive repairs and stress. Fortunately, this guide to repairing a roof damaged in a storm can make the repair process as stress-free as possible.

Keep reading to discover more useful tips and advice for your busy lifestyle.

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