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What Injuries Can Lead to Paralysis? 

What Injuries Can Lead to Paralysis?

Paralysis is one of the scariest things a person can go through.  It takes away our agency over our bodies, leaving us vulnerable and at the whims of those around us.  If you’re concerned for the future or trying to understand what someone is going through at the current moment- here are the head injuries that can result in paralyzation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that most paralyzation comes from something as violent as a motor vehicle accident.  Car crashes, especially, can be too rough on our bodies.  From the impact causing whiplash, the motion of our cars bending and moving us further, to any blunt force trauma caused by us hitting anything within the vehicle, or tumbling out of one- there are many ways we can get seriously injured.

Your best bet in these situations is to wear a seatbelt and to drive defensively.  Nobody can plan correctly around an accident, but taking precautions will help ensure the outcome is better than what it could have been.


Falling injuries are less common, but they still happen often enough to rank number two on this list.  When we fail, we naturally tense up, making injuries more devastating on our bodies and can lead to breaks, fractures, and paralysis.  Falls are among the top causes of paralysis because of how hard the impact with the ground can be.  Although it’s dependent on how far you fall, and what surface you fall onto, it’s essential to keep in mind that falling from any height at the wrong angle can do serious harm.  

Acts of Violence

This type of incident is what makes many people need a paralysis attorney.  Acts of violence, like pushing someone down, punching them, throwing them against walls or objects, can cause life-lasting injuries that are incapable of being cured.  These injuries are expensive to take care of and will result in expenses for the rest of the victim’s life.  The mental trauma, on top of the physical trauma, makes this one of the most challenging injuries to work through.

Sports and Recreation

These injuries occur most often through hiking, skiing, or using recreational motor vehicles.  Although there’s no real way to ensure you’ll never be in danger, an important tip to take before having any dangerous fun is to dress appropriately and be as safe as you reasonably can be.  A helmet is vital for skiing, and when you’re hiking, you should take extra care to stay on paths and avoid wandering off.


Just drinking by itself won’t cause paralysis. It’s when it gets paired with one of the items above that it can cause an incident.  Drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, or drink and run around the city: take extra steps to be sure you’re safe.

We drink to have fun and escape our daily lives, so plan, pack cab fare, and do what you need to so that you can ensure you’ll get home safely.  Paralysis is far worse than spending a weekend night at home instead of in public.

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