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The Best Online School Tips: How to Get Straight A’s 

The Best Online School Tips: How to Get Straight A’s
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More than five million college students, or about 25 percent of university students in the U.S. today, have taken or are taking at least one online course.

Online classes are a great way to keep your schedule flexible or to pick up credits you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. For high school, college, and even middle or elementary school students, online classes are now simply a part of life thanks to COVID-19.

But while many students see them as an easy A, they are often anything but. 

Whether you’re working on a bachelor’s degree or going to high school online for the time, check out these online school tips to help you land straight A’s this semester.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

One of the best online school tips and tricks you can follow is to make a schedule.

Unless a course requires you to log in and work at a certain time, it’s likely up to you when you get the work done. Unfortunately, for busy students or for classes you aren’t a fan of, this can lead to procrastination. And cramming at the last minute will almost always hurt your grade.

To avoid this, set a schedule for yourself. Then, stick to it. Decide which days you will work on the class, and what time slots you’ll do so. When that time slot starts, commit yourself to powering through, no matter what distractions pop up.

You couldn’t leave school in the middle of class to play with your dog or chat with a friend on the phone. Treat your online class the same way.

Never Cheat

If you have friends doing the same online classes, it might be tempting to share answers, especially when there’s no teacher there looking over your shoulder. You might even be tempted to Google test answers in the middle of an online exam.

But if getting good grades is a priority for you, this is another online high school tip you have to follow.

Don’t Skip the Supplemental Material

Most online courses come with readings that the instructor asks you to do. While they often aren’t graded and your teacher can’t track whether you did them, they are still important.

Information from the readings could pop up on your next test. And if you’re reading this on the hunt for online grad school tips or those for college classes, and you need your class for your major, that information could wind up being even more important later on.

Putting These Online School Tips to Work

Online classes are a reality for many students, whether they choose to take them or have no choice. But while they may seem like a breeze, they can sometimes be even harder than in-person courses.

These online school tips can help you stay focused, learn more, and ultimately ace your next virtual course.

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