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The Brief and Only Smart Home Checklist You’ll Ever Need 

The Brief and Only Smart Home Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The global smart home industry has surpassed the 475 million mark. That’s hardly surprising since smart home technology can make a lot of improvements to your life!

Smart home living makes everything more convenient. You can control a number of things remotely, and it saves a lot of time and inconvenience.

However, if you don’t have a smart home or are only just beginning to create one, you might be wondering where to start. That’s where this smart home checklist comes in. 

Smart Home Climate

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling are some of the best things you can control remotely. You can often do this from your phone on many systems or an iPad.

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Heating and cooling mean setting the house to the exact temperature you want. You can also set timers to reduce energy consumption when you’re not home and have the appropriate temperature kick in right before you get home from work. Perfection!

Smart Home Security


One of the great things about being a smart homeowner is having a great security system. Advanced security is one of the best smart home innovations for obvious reasons because it controls your safety.

Turn your alarm on after you’ve left the house if you forgot. Receive notifications if anything is off at the house, and have alerts sent to the police.

Lighting Control

You know the feeling. You’ve just sat down to get comfy on the couch, and you need to get up and put a light on — or turn one off.

With lighting control, you can do it right from your phone or iPad. You can control all of the lights in the house from that device, which saves you from going around to every individual room.

Gadget Control

The great thing about homeownership is investing in fun gadgets, and smart home technology allows you to do so much more with them. Control the TV from your iPad and, if you’re a parent, limit the time your kids get to spend on the computer.

Smart Home Sound System

Voice Systems

Voice systems are becoming very popular in every home. Telling Alexa, Siri, or any other innovative voice invention what to do can save you from even needing to go to a device!

You can activate them as long as you’re in hearing range, which is very handy.

Not only can these systems control the gadgets in your home, but they can also offer fun games and trivia, and even tell jokes. 

This Is the Ultimate Smart Home Checklist

This is the brief but ultimate smart home checklist! If you’re creating a smart home and want to know everything you should get to make your life easier and your home more modern, this is it.

There are a variety of other optional things, like a smart fridge, so you can always keep going. More smart technology just keeps being invented.

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