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Investment 101: Diversifying Your Portfolio 

Investment 101: Diversifying Your Portfolio

Does the war between Russia and Ukraine have you rethinking your investment strategy?

Some experts say that tensions in Asia and Europe could be what ends the investment trend in globalization.

So, what does diversifying your portfolio look like in the shifting global economy? Here’s what you need to know about diversifying your portfolio. 

What Does Diversifying Your Portfolio Mean?

Simply put, diversifying your portfolio means not keeping all of your money in one place. It also means diversifying the types of investments you have, like stocks, cash, mutual funds, and alternative investments. The purpose of this strategy is to protect your money and minimize risk. 

If all of your money is in the stock market, and the stock market crashes, you’re officially broke. If all of your assets are residential rentals in the same region and something happens with the housing market in that area, there goes your money. 

But, if you own stock in an automobile company and an energy corporation, have rental properties on each coast, and something happens to one of your assets, it won’t affect the others. 

How to Diversify Your Investments

So, how can you ensure that you diversify in a way that’s minimizing risk? Diversify in what you know. Invest in different industries, in different ways and have different physical assets. 

First, put money into different asset classes. Asset classes are groups of financing that are akin to the same ordinances. Asset classes include currencies, cash, equities like stocks, and fixed income like bonds and real estate.

Learn more info on how real estate investing complements a traditional market approach. 

Next, diversify by investing in asset subclasses. For example, there are many different types of stocks to invest in. Different stock options include domestic, international growth, and value. 

Last, invest in different sectors and market segments. Basically, don’t invest everything into one industry. If you want to buy into the health care industry, buy in; but also buy stocks in different markets like raw materials or construction. 

Can You Diversify Too Much?

There is such a thing as too much diversification. Over diversification looks like spreading your investments too thin. But, knowing the right amount of diversity in your portfolio depends on your goals. 

Successful portfolios are built with intention. Frantically adding new investments with every shift in the news cycle won’t get you far.

Holding six or more types of assets can also be difficult to manage. Plus, who really knows enough about six different industries to faithfully make investments? 

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

It’s not easy to measure the right amount of diversification in your portfolio. That’s why many people who are serious about building wealth work with a professional. Working with an experienced, certified financial advisor can make all of the difference when diversifying your portfolio.

They have insights that no amount of Googling can compare with. They have an in-depth understanding of risk and what it will take to reach your investment goals. 

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