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Important Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your Home 

Important Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your Home

The average timeline between listing your home and selling your home is 71 days. Don’t let that scare you! The moving process is stressful, but you can make the process easy and straightforward with a few organizational steps. 

Before selling your home, there are plenty of things to do, including finding a great real estate agent, making repairs, and decluttering.

Here are the essential things you need to do before selling your home.

Selling Your Home Means Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

As a smart homeowner, you need to find the best real estate agent when jumping into the real estate market. A great agent can help you prepare to sell your home and make a great profit in the housing market. 

A real estate agent can help you with your home appraisal value, get the proper financial paperwork in order, and even help you look for a new home. An agent acts as your representative in the process. 

Once you have an excellent real estate agent, you can begin to search online listings.

Making Repairs 

Before selling your home, it’s essential to make the necessary repairs. A smart homeowner will fix leaky faucets, paint the walls, shampoo the carpets, and give the property curb appeal. You can increase your home appraisal value when you make the correct repairs. 

If you don’t make the necessary repairs, your home will likely receive less money on the housing market. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your property look great and give it excellent curb appeal! It doesn’t cost much to cut the grass, trim the weeds, or put down a fresh bed of mulch! Painting cabinets or shining your hardwood floors can go a long way to getting more money in the real estate market! 


We all have too much ‘stuff.’ It’s a common problem, and when you declutter your home of extra ‘stuff,’ it makes selling your home more attractive to the buyer. 

Decluttering makes rooms look bigger, and closets look more spacious. The more junk you have around your property, the more people will think you don’t keep a clean home. 

Gather all things you want to declutter and have a yard sale! Sell unwanted items on social media that might be of value and pass down household items to family and friends. 

Once you organize everything you want to give to charity, you might qualify for a tax break.

Do These Things Before Selling Your Home

Getting a good real estate agent, making repairs, and decluttering are steps you should take before selling your home. Once you have these actions in place, there’s much less worry. 

With a low inventory of homes, there will be competition for your house. Get the most money you can! 

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