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How Much Will It Cost to Sell a House? 

How Much Will It Cost to Sell a House?

When selling a home, it’s up to you to factor in the many different details that come into play. Most people selling a home would like to get at least a ballpark estimate of what to expect when it comes to the cost.

In general, people should expect to pay roughly 10% of the sales price of the home when listing and selling it. This isn’t just a lump sum, but instead, is disbursed throughout several different aspects of selling the home, which we’re happy to explain.

Keep reading to learn more about the cost to sell a house and how to get the most from the home selling process as a whole.

Your Real Estate Agent Will Collect a Portion

First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure that your real estate agent gets paid. They will collect a fee of roughly 5% or so once the home sells. This will pay for the work they did to list the property, show it to buyers, facilitating offers, and more.

Make sure that you choose the highest quality real estate agent that you can find to be certain that you’re taken care of.

Factor in the Cost of Marketing and Staging

Staging a home is the best thing to do so that people feel welcomed once they set up a tour. This is an art, because you want the home to look and feel decorated and lived in, without personalizing so much that a person can’t imagine living there.

You’ll also need to have some money in your marketing budget, so that you can place ads in all of the major real estate listings, in addition to Facebook ads and marketing strategies across the different social media outlets.

Pay for an Inspector and an Attorney

Don’t sell a home until you know what condition it’s in. You’ll need to set aside some money for a professional contractor to provide an inspection of the property.

This way, they’ll make sure that important fixtures like the foundation, roof and plumbing are all in reasonable condition. Knowing the condition of your property will let you know what glaring problems must be fixed, in addition to how much value it gains or loses.

Make sure that you also touch base with a real estate attorney that can help you put the deal together. The attorney will have a seat at the table when it’s time to address the closing and also handle your closing costs.

Many people today are interested in selling their homes as-is so that they can walk away with cash in hand.

You might be asking — how can I sell my property for cash? There are several companies that specialize in this, and they’ll be glad to make you an offer.

Calculate the Cost to Sell a House

The points above provide a clear indication of the cost to sell a house. You’ll get the most bang for your buck and will appreciate the return on investment (ROI) that you get from your property whenever you take the necessary steps.

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