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How to Find the Best Cloud-Based Server for Your Small Business 

How to Find the Best Cloud-Based Server for Your Small Business

Research shows that 67% of business infrastructure is on the cloud. As the demand for cybersecurity, data safety, and reliability rise, more tools will shift to cloud-based servers.

While cloud-based solutions for businesses can transform operations, you should ensure you select a suitable server. Failure to do so can lead to frequent downtimes and lower output. Besides, you may lose crucial data due to breaches and incur significant losses.

Here, we provide a guide on finding a cloud based server for small businesses by discussing the aspects you should consider. We’ll also mention some factors you can use to narrow your choices.

Determine Your Needs

When looking for a suitable cloud-based server, the first step is to consider your needs. Identify the features you want a suitable solution to offer.

After that, determine the processes you want to simplify with a cloud-based server. Are you looking for solutions to safeguard client identifying information? Besides, do you want to increase access to files to facilitate collaboration?

Answering such questions will help you assess the cloud-based server you need. It also allows you to weigh several options by determining how much they meet your needs.

Consider Cloud Server Security

Another aspect to consider when searching for cloud storage for business is safety. An ideal solution should have advanced online security features. For example, it should limit data access using multi-factor authentication.

More cloud server security features you should look for are:

  • Data encryption
  • Security audits
  • Event logging
  • Intrusion detection
  • Internal firewall

Selecting a cloud-based server focused on safety will lower the risk of malicious attacks. Still, you should ensure that the provider frequently updates these features to match safety standards.

Compare Costs

The cost of cloud based server for small businesses may vary depending on the features. The pricing schemes may also differ based on the providers. Before selecting a specific solution, evaluate its cost and compare it against the benefits.

While initial costs are a crucial determining factor, you should also consider other expenses related to a cloud-based solution. Such may pertain to set up, data transfer, monthly or annual plans, and support.

An ideal cloud database for small businesses is one offering the best returns on investment. Besides, it should have several pricing plans to suit varying company budgets.

Check if Cloud Server Providers Offer Support

Cloud servers may cause downtimes due to errors and system updates. When looking for a suitable solution, pick a provider offering customer support.

A hosting company like has experts to help navigate various issues. With their guidance, you can avoid losses related to extensive downtime and keep your clients happy.

Since not all server hosting companies have reliable IT support, you should determine this aspect beforehand. Read reviews about the company on their website and other online platforms. Further, contact their references for more insights into their customer support.

Select the Best Cloud Based Server for Small Business

Identifying a suitable cloud based server for small businesses can be tricky without the proper guidance. Luckily, you can make informed investment decisions based on the provided tips. It will also be easier to pick a hosting company that meets your needs and offers affordable pricing plans.

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