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Careers In the Property Management and Real Estate Industry 

Careers In the Property Management and Real Estate Industry

Did you know that in the US in 2020, the volume of commercial real estate transactions was $500 billion? Additionally, the projected job growth percentage for jobs in real estate in the US is 6% between the years 2016 and 2026.

If you’re thinking of starting up a career in the boom real estate industry, or in property management, you might be wondering what your options are.

If you don’t know what they are, this can be stressful or even overwhelming if you’re having trouble choosing from many options. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review careers you can have in these industries.

Finally, you can have a fulfilling and successful career in the real estate and property management industry. Read on to learn more.

Property Manager

When you work in a property management position, you have several responsibilities. These include taking care of an investment property, screening tenants, and addressing maintenance needs. Transferable skills such as an eye for detail and analytics skills can be useful in this position.

In this position, you’ll also have to know about local ordinances and codes.

Mortgage Broker

Another job you can have in the real estate industry is as a mortgage broker. In this position, you would help individuals to negotiate a deal that’s best for them when they’re getting a mortgage loan. Are you good at crunching numbers and negotiating?

In this case, this could be a great career. To learn more about what mortgage broker industry leaders do, go to

Commercial Real Estate Agent

As a commercial real estate agent, you would be doing more than selling and buying properties. You’d also have to know business concepts, ordinances, and tax laws to be successful in this career. Patience is important too, as it takes a while for deals to come through.

Commercial or Residential Appraiser

Nearly every time someone is in a position where they need to finance their mortgage loan, an appraisal will be required by the lender as a step in the closing process. To be a good appraiser, you need to have strong real estate market knowledge.

You need to be able to assess the value of a property by assessing unique features and using local comparables.

Foreclosure Specialist

There’s a whole industry that focuses on the foreclosures market. This industry has specific legal requirements and rules people have to follow. In this career, you would be involved in the steps people take when going through foreclosures, providing them with your specialist knowledge.

Want to Learn More About the Real Estate Industry?

Now that you’ve learned about careers in the property management and real estate industry, you might want to learn more about this industry. Maybe you want to learn about what the responsibilities of a landlord or essential workers are.

Whatever information you need, you can find it on our blog. Simply go to the Real Estate section to learn more about this industry.

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