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Bring in New Business! 8 Digital Marketing Tips to Promote Your Law Firm 

Bring in New Business! 8 Digital Marketing Tips to Promote Your Law Firm
Bring in New Business! 8 Digital Marketing Tips to Promote Your Law Firm

Do you want to start attracting more clients to your law firm but aren’t sure how? Here are 8 digital marketing tips to bring new business in the door.

The number of U.S. lawyers is on the rise, with the American Bar Association reporting that there are over 1.3 million active resident attorneys here in the States.

Needless to say, if you’re a lawyer or own a law firm, you have plenty of competition. How does one differentiate themselves from all of the other law firms out there?

The answer is digital marketing, but it’s important to promote your firm online the right way so that you stand out and entice prospective clients to seek your services. Here are eight digital marketing tips that law firms should follow.

1. Begin With a Well Designed Website

Your law firm’s website is your online storefront and the place where people look first when they hear about you. Whether they find you via a Google search, social media post, or a friend’s email, you need to ensure your website makes a great first impression.

This means it presents clear information on the type of cases you specialize in, is easy to navigate and read, and is also optimized for mobile devices. These law experts have a great example of a site where the contact info and mission statement is right on the homepage. With so many people searching for information on their phones these days, you want to make sure your site loads quickly and displays nicely on a variety of devices.

A professional web design firm can help create a site you’ll be proud to present to potential clients.

2. Use Social Media

Over three-quarters of lawyers maintain an online presence that includes being active on social media. LinkedIn is an important page for many lawyers as the channel is business-minded and can attract new leads. But Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels are just as important because they allow you to communicate directly with clients.

You can use social media to share client wins, testimonials, blog posts from your firm’s website, photos, videos, and more. Keep your contact and “about us” information fresh and make it easy for clients to reach you.

3. Target Clients With Facebook Ads

Once you become comfortable using Facebook, you can leverage their Facebook Ads marketplace to target local potential clients. This ad platform is popular with many small businesses because of the ability to target within a specific geographic area. 

You can even reach these users by their demographics and interests, and time your ads to run during a certain time of day when they’re likely to be seen by more Facebook users. And you can retarget Facebook users who visited your website but didn’t take action such as contacting you.

4. Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

In addition to making sure your law firm’s website is well designed, you need to ensure the content on it will be picked up by search engines. This includes conducting SEO (search engine optimization) research to determine what legal-related keywords and phrases people are searching for online. You then want to ensure your content, meta tags, and even image file names will enable your site to display in search results.

SEO takes time and can require a lot of fine tuning to get it right. If you don’t know much about it, it’s advisable to hire a SEO firm that can help build your traffic.

5. Start a Blog

Adding a blog to your law firm’s website can help your SEO, but it’s important to provide posts that people find useful. If your firm specializes in divorces, for example, you can write posts on helping children get through a divorce, how to conduct yourself in front of your spouse during the divorce process, and other relevant topics.

Remember that no matter what content you write or present on your site or social media, it should always be useful. It’s fine to share the occasional news that your law firm won an award or was recognized positively by the media, but the majority of your content should aim to inform, engage, or do both.

6. Leverage Video

Video makes for highly shareable and engaging content, and it can show the human side of you. For example, you may want to film a series of videos where your attorneys address issues or answer questions that clients may have. These videos can reside on your website and YouTube and be shared on your social media channels.

7. Ask For Reviews

Ask your past clients for reviews or testimonials that can be included on your website and social media pages. Claim your business profile on Yelp so that you’ll be notified about reviews as they’re posted and you can respond to them.

8. Start an Email Marketing List

Email marketing is still an important part of digital marketing. You can use email marketing to give answers to basic legal questions clients may have, share legal analysis on current events, and promote your most recent blog content. As with your other content, anything you share in your newsletter should be considered useful information.

Your newsletter can also be used to share news about any awards your firm has won or press coverage. Keep newsletters concise and easy to read, and include images to pique your readers’ interest.

Follow These Digital Marketing Tips For Law Firms

No one wants their law firm to be left behind in the technology age. Having a strong online presence will help you bring in new business and allow you to stand out from your competitors. The above digital marketing tips are a good start.

Want to learn more about how to promote your law business? Here are 12 ways marketing is essential to your law firm.

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