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Benefits of Online Proctored Examinations for Academic Institutions 

Benefits of Online Proctored Examinations for Academic Institutions

The use of technology in higher education is on the rise. Even before the pandemic-induced work and learn from home situations came to be, people were already slowly moving towards online learning solutions. The pandemic has merely accelerated the process. 

Online proctoring tools are among the most successful digital assessment methods, making them a crucial component of e-learning. Certain solutions, are growing in prominence because they combine remote human invigilation with AI-based monitoring to deliver an unparalleled proctoring experience that is not only more efficient but also cheaper.  

Online Proctoring is the Future

You can see online proctoring as an extension of already available student management systems and electronic learning platforms. Worldwide, academic institutions consider them highly accessible and non-invasive alternatives to traditional methods.

In February 2021, reports showed that nearly 90% of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia preferred online education

The addition of Artificial Intelligence and secure systems like data forensics increases the credibility of online approaches. Further, AI-powered systems also make it easier to detect suspicious behaviour. 

Remote Proctoring Options

Quality matters when it comes to online examination assessments. Most solutions are flexible and scalable, which means you can choose one appropriate for your needs.

Besides, each organisation or institution may have unique prerequisites for testing or security. So, it is crucial to think of the consequences and the features, your budget, and candidate experience.

There are two primary types of test delivery:

  1. Live Online Proctoring: You don’t need any specialised hardware, and hence, the live method is highly scalable and the most secure. You can get started with a stable internet connection and an electronic device with a camera and microphone.
  2. Record and Review Proctoring: This is not a real-time approach, but the students take the test in an un-proctored environment. However, you record the whole session via webcam, and the proctor reviews the recording later to make sure there was no malpractice.

Opportunities and Advantages of Using Online Invigilator Exams

The primary goal of online proctoring practices should be to curtail cheating during exams. Implementing these tools will accomplish better test-taking experiences, too.

Here are some advantages of using proctoring solutions

Improves Integrity of Exams

The ID authentication procedure of the online proctoring systems authenticates each student’s identity and locks down the workstation. This means that the computer cannot perform other tasks until the test finishes.

Everyone is on the same level as they can’t distribute, send, or copy content. Also, using the recorded sessions, an institution can assure parents, employers, and shareholders of exam integrity. 

Utmost Online Security 

With the latest online security tools, it is possible to achieve classroom-type safety with remote proctoring methods. People running these platforms are trained and responsible professionals from the education sector. 

They offer complete transparency on the kind of data collected and safeguard sensitive personal information. A human proctor supervises the examination, while AI supervision technology provides behaviour analysis. The result is that institutions achieve the discretion that either one alone may not. 

The use of AI-enabled proctoring features includes:

  • Facial recognition to detect identity fraud
  • Analysing behaviour patterns to identity cheating
  • Segmenting specific video data points to discover content theft

Cost-Effective and Convenient 

Live webcam-proctoring services are location-independent models that allow you to take a test from anywhere. Also, higher learning institutions can conduct several tests within a short span and with limited resources. 

This makes it worth the investment for everybody involved.

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