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9 Surefire Signs That You Need a Refrigerator Replacement 

9 Surefire Signs That You Need a Refrigerator Replacement
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Your refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in your home—seriously, how can you function without it? Being that fridges generally have a lifespan of 10-20 years, you might not catch the hint that there’s something’s wrong.

Most of the time when there’s an issue with an icebox, the temperature has to be adjusted or the lightbulb needs to be switched—no biggie.

However, when you start to notice major malfunctions, it’s time to look further into things. But before you go out and buy a new Kenmore, check to see if you need a refrigerator replacement. Here are a few telltale signs that your fridge needs fixing:

1. The Food Is Spoiling Quickly

If you notice that the milk you bought three days ago is sour or the sandwich meat is spoiled, there’s definitely something wrong. When a refrigerator isn’t doing it’s primary function—keeping food cold—you have to act fast! The last thing you want is for a week’s worth of groceries to go down the drain; after all, they’re not cheap.

Once you’ve checked to make sure the proper temperature is set, and no one in the family is accidentally leaving the door open, then it may be time for refrigerator repair.  

2. You Can Hear The Motor Running

Fridges are typically quiet appliances, and although the motor is always running, you shouldn’t hear it too much.

A noisy icebox is not only aggravating, but it’s a sign that it’s time to call a refrigerator repair clinic. Depending on the severity of this issue, a loud motor should be simple to fix. 

3. Your Fridge Is Old

If you’ve had your fridge over 10 years, there are bounds to be some issues with it. Although most iceboxes can last for many years— even beyond a decade— it’s natural to experience complications as it continues to date.

Keep in mind that this type of refrigerator doesn’t always have to be replaced completely, sometimes it just needs new refrigerator parts.

4. There’s Heat Coming From It

Any appliance that’s plugged in 24 hours a day is going to be warm. However, if you notice that the sides and back of your fridge are hot, that’s not normal. It could be that the ventilation is malfunctioning and needs refrigerator repair.

5. The Refrigerator Is Sweating

When there’s condensation building in your fridge, it’ll look as if the inside is sweating. You’ll notice water droplets on top of food packages and on the sides of the refrigerator.

When the conditions in your icebox look like that, your food isn’t being cooled properly. Although the items might feel cool to the touch, consider refrigerator replacement just in case.

6. The Inside Of The Freezer Looks Like A Blizzard

Obviously, a freezer is supposed to keep food frozen, but there shouldn’t be large chunks of ice gathering; this type of condition could cause freezer burn on your food and you’ll have to throw it away. 

If you notice layers of frost that resemble snow, check to make sure the freezer temperature isn’t up too high. If that’s not the issue, defrost it and see if the problem persists.

7. The Icemaker Isn’t Making Ice

You’ll know when your ice maker is working because you’ll hear it. Once the clang of falling ice ceases, you know it’s time for refrigerator repair. Sometimes the cubes are jammed and need a little push to keep flowing; but if that doesn’t work, it’s a sign of a bigger issue.

On the other hand, blocked ice could be due to a clog in the supply line or frozen water inside of it.

8. It’s Cool, But Not Cold Enough

When you stick your hand in the fridge and it’s cold, but not quite cold enough, you should look into the cause of it.

Your food might not be spoiling, but there may be a malfunction with one of the refrigerator parts. Try not to let the problem persist or it could cause a more serious problem down the line.

9. There’s Water Leakage On The Floor

A leaking refrigerator could be triggered by several things. Sometimes humid weather causes extra moisture, which in turn causes a leak. Luckily, that isn’t any cause for concern; just clean out the drain pan to help with the excessive flow of humidity.

However, when there’s a problem with the drain tube, that can cause water to leak as well. If it gets clogged, the water builds up and eventually spills out. You’ll need to call a repair clinic to resolve the problem.

Do You Need a Refrigerator Replacement?

Needing to get refrigerator replacement services might feel like an inconvenience. Especially, if you’re accustomed to opening the fridge and grabbing food with no issues. However, having an icebox that works properly is vital. Eating meals that haven’t been cooled at the correct temperature is dangerous and could cause illness.

Not to mention, if your fridge is working harder than usual, it could lead to an increase in your energy bill. With that said, you don’t want to delay getting your fridge fixed! Finding a technician is fairly easy; Googling “refrigerator repair near me” can help you find several companies.

Once you get your repairs knocked out of the way, you’ll be back to enjoying midnight trips to the fridge in no time! Did you learn anything from this article? If so, feel free to read the rest of our blog for more educational posts!

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