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7 Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Panels 

7 Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

Think about your electric bill. How much does it cost you each month? Can you predict how much it will be?

If you’re looking to save on your energy bill, consider installing solar panels. They’re a fantastic way to reduce your monthly energy costs.

Rushing into a decision will not work, however, so ask yourself a few questions just before you go out there shopping. With a smart investment in solar panels, you can definitely improve your home’s value.

Here are seven questions to ask yourself as you decide to make the switch to solar power: 

1. Can I Afford the Cost?

Solar panels have an initial cost as well as maintenance and repair costs. Homeowners should determine whether the savings from using solar panels will offset the costs. They should also consider whether they will be able to sell any excess electricity generated by the solar panels. 

2. Is My Home Suitable for Solar Power?

You need your home to soak up as much solar energy as possible. If it’s surrounded by trees or tall buildings, or if your roof is facing north, think twice. Speaking of your roof, check if it’s even sturdy enough to hold those silicon bricks. 

3. Should I Lease or Buy?

Buying solar panels costs more upfront but offers bigger long-term savings. However, one major advantage of leasing is that maintenance costs are on the company. Also, if you have plans to move in the future, leasing is wiser. 

4. Is the Cost Justifiable?

Here’s the rule of thumb: if your home’s typical energy bill is lower than $75, installing solar panels may not be worth the expense. Nonetheless, there are more affordable solar power companies willing to work within your budget. 

5. Can Insurance Provide Protection?

Solar panels are generally uninsurable by themselves. But you can add them to your existing homeowner’s insurance for a higher premium. If this is not an option, it boils down to the warranty provided by the company. 

6. Can I Manage Stormwater Runoff After Installing Solar Panels?

A solar panel installation comes with certain equipment like racking and wire harnesses. The problem is that stormwater from your roof may not flow and drain properly as a result. When that happens, you’ll have to perform repairs and remove the panels.

Make sure you’re ready to make these adjustments when necessary. Better yet, plan your installation well to avoid trouble. 

7. How Do I Choose the Right Company?

Research is still the best way to find the right solar power company for you. Dig online for reviews. Stick to third-party websites to avoid biases.

Also, ask the companies for references and explore their websites. Very importantly, trust your gut. 

Making an Educated Decision 

Inventing solar panels is one of the best things man has ever done. But fact remains that it’s not for everyone. While it can be tempting to ride on this seeming trend, you have to stay practical.

If you’re considering installing solar panels in your home or business, answer the above questions as honestly as you can. And then, make your decision. 

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