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6 Types of Water Features That Are Perfect for Any Garden 

6 Types of Water Features That Are Perfect for Any Garden
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Water features are a sure way to transform your garden into a peaceful and tranquil haven. While you can plant flowers, veggies, and trees, there is nothing quite like a water feature to help you feel relaxed. 

Hearing the refreshing trickle of a waterfall or the soothing splash of a fountain can add a lot of character to your outdoor space. Although it may sound expensive or time-consuming, you can create a beautiful waterfall, pond, or fountain without breaking the bank.

This post will explore some of the best garden water features you can add to your backyard or outdoor garden space! Whether you choose to replicate these types of water features or creatively adapt them, the results are sure to be beautiful. 

Tips for Choosing Your Water Feature

It can be challenging to choose a water feature that matches your garden. Keep in mind the following aspects. 

Garden Size 

You wouldn’t want to crowd your tiny garden space with a large pond. Meanwhile, a little water feature would go unnoticed in a huge backyard. 

Thus, it is crucial to consider the size of your area to strike the right balance. 


Your water feature should reflect your landscape style and blend harmoniously into the garden. For example, if you have a modern landscape, you’ll want to contain your water feature using geometric shapes and utilize materials that are already present in your garden. 


You may have your heart set on a specific type of stone or wood for your garden water feature. However, using materials that are uncommon in your region may drive up the cost. So consider using materials that are readily available where you live. 

Now let’s dive into the best six types of garden water features! 

1. Natural Ponds

Natural ponds are popular with homeowners because they are peaceful and allow for customization. To build a natural pond, you must excavate a hole and place a liner inside of it. 

Moreover, you will need to install a filtration system and a submersible pump. Doing so is necessary to keep your pond water clean. Some people add a waterfall to their natural pond, which conceals the noise from the pump. 

A natural pond’s average cost is around $5,000, but it could easily be more expensive with custom materials or a waterfall. 

2. Water Walls

Water walls are a unique garden water feature in which water slowly cascades down the wall’s front. Then, a pump feeds it back up to the top so the water can continue to flow. 

If you are looking for an elegant water feature for your garden, a water wall is an excellent choice. Of course, you will need to construct a masonry wall for the water to run down and purchase a good-quality filter that can withstand the mineral buildup from the wall. 

One of the notable aspects of water walls is that you can alter the water’s sound by texturing the wall. By adding LED lights, you can further customize your water wall and create a romantic effect.  

Creating a water wall in your backyard will cost you anywhere from $5000-$15,000, depending on the size and materials. While this may seem expensive, water walls are generally worth the price since they are timeless and create a unique setting for outdoor parties. 

3. Standard Waterfall

You can add waterfalls to ponds or pool areas. Typically, people create them with real stones. However, you can also make them from fiberglass or sculpted concrete and paint the material to seem like natural stone. 

When creating a waterfall, you will need to determine how tall you would like it to be. You can then decide on the amount of noise it will generate and how many drops it will have. 

You should expect to spend at least $1,000 on your waterfall, which is relatively cheap compared to the previous water features. You’ll get the pleasant sounds and timeless design for a fraction of the price. However, you will already need to have a pond or pool to create a standard waterfall. 

4. Pondless Waterfall

Standard waterfalls serve as additions to ponds or pools, but you may not have space in your garden for these. In this case, a pondless waterfall is the perfect solution and is relatively simple to maintain. 

Since there is no stagnant water, all you need to do is replenish the water supply every few weeks. If you want to remove the need for maintenance altogether, you can install an autofill feature. 

A pondless waterfall will cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 to create. Considering that it can be wedged into small spaces and is low maintenance, it is an excellent alternative to standard waterfalls in ponds. 

5. Fountains

There are no limits as to what you can create with garden fountains. They can be delicate or grand, depending on their size. You can enhance them and make them more elegant with a statue, sconces, scuppers, or LED lights. 

Garden water fountains are generally standalone features, but usually, they have a collection pond from which water pumps back to the top. The sound the fountain makes will also depend on whether the water drizzles gradually or pours in abundance. 

It is hard to determine the cost of a fountain since they can vary so much in design. However, plan on spending at least $2,000 for an average size fountain. 

6. Birdbaths

If all the other water features seem too complicated or are over your budget, a birdbath is perhaps your best bet. Birdbaths are great features for those who love to sit outside and watch the birds. Although it is simple, it can be extremely relaxing and add a lot of joy to your outdoor space. 

It is one of the most common water features due to its affordability, which starts at around $100. You will need to clean the basin every once in a while, but bird baths are relatively low maintenance. 

Types of Water Features for Any Outdoor Oasis

After seeing these ideas for beautiful water features for your garden, we hope you can add one to your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a magnificent garden water feature or one that is delicate and stands alone, you will surely enjoy every moment you spend outdoors. 

Which types of water features are your favorites? Let us know your opinion, and remember to check back for more posts!

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