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5 Tips for the Dedicated Car Enthusiast to Keep a Car in Showroom Condition 

5 Tips for the Dedicated Car Enthusiast to Keep a Car in Showroom Condition

Are you aware that there are over 30 million car enthusiasts within the United States?

If you can count yourself among these motorheads, then you might have a classic car or two. Whether you have one already or are saving up for your dream vehicle, it’s crucial to know how you can take care of it. That way, it’ll last for decades or even longer.

Are you wondering what methods you can use? Keep reading to learn all about five tips for the dedicated car enthusiast who wants to keep a car in showroom condition.

1. Wash Your Car by Hand

When it comes to car enthusiast tips, nothing beats washing your car by hand. Most people go through the carwash, but this method is often far from gentle. Instead of being rough, you can use a microfiber cloth and clean your car to perfection without worrying about scratches or anything else going wrong.

A carwash may be a convenient way to save time but it’s simply not worth the risk.

2. Keep It Out of the Elements

One of the most important rules for owning a classic car is to protect it from the elements. You should never park it outside without a cover, for instance. The most ideal scenario should involve a high-quality car cover and a reliable garage.

You can keep your garage looking as great as your car when you invest in a RaceDeck.

3. Invest in Paint Protection

Do you need more car enthusiast ideas for taking care of your precious wheels? While waxing your car is a great habit, it doesn’t last nearly as long as paint protection does.

There are various types of paint protection, such as ceramic coating, wraps, and films. The purpose of this is to protect the paint job beneath without sacrificing the beauty of your vehicle.

4. Park Far Away

Depending on where you live, choosing a parking spot can end up being a nightmare. However, one car care tip you should follow involves distance.

Whenever you’re going out in your special vehicle, you should park as far away from the other cars as possible.

5. Use a Portable Vacuum

No car enthusiast should ever eat in their car, but other debris can dirty your car over time.

You must always be prepared to clean your car with a hand-held vacuum. Various attachments can allow you to get into any crevice.

Ready to Be the Greatest Car Enthusiast?

Now that you’ve learned about five tips for the dedicated car enthusiast, you can keep your car looking its best. You can also start preparing your most beloved cars for their showroom debuts. Everyone will want to take pictures with your beautiful wheels.

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