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5 Project Managing Tips Everyone Can Use In Business 

5 Project Managing Tips Everyone Can Use In Business


In 2016, PMI, Pulse Of the Profession, released its findings on thought leadership. Unfortunately, the results are not discouraging. In their publication entitled The High Cost Of Low Performance, only a few projects meet their set goals. With this statistics in mind, the chances of having a successful project are minimal. For this reason, you will find top 5 project managing tips to help meet your expectations.

Few pillars a project manager can work on include the team, operations, and technical skills. In addition, we have various project management approaches one can use in this hectic process. Even though the complexity of a task may vary from one business to another, there are success tips, which work anywhere. So, however big your project can be, these five tips will help you manage any business project.

  1. Communication: This year, LinkedIn found that leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management were the most demanded soft skills. In fact, all of them are essential in project management. Apt communication can help team members understand more about the project requirements. Also, excellent communication helps one monitor critical parts of the project.

If you are the team leader, however, it is of equal importance to respect other people’s bandwidth. In other words, you should appreciate other people’s time. While working remotely, you may manage a team from different parts of the world. To handle all of them efficiently, you can assign tasks according to their availability.

  1. Update Your Skills: A good project manager should have the best skills. Here is why. If the leader does not have the required skills, then it may be difficult to spot mistakes done by other team members. As a result, you end up with an unsuccessful project.

As of now, we have several international quality certifications for project managers. The certifications include ISO 21 500 and ISO 31 000. Through such certifications, project managers take quality skill tests. Besides, some have training programs to make one fit their certification criteria. Such programs give people in business essential skills.

Alternatively, you can get a project management professionals (pmp) certification. Since this certification validates international recognition, project managers have higher chances of getting new qualified clients to help their projects. In addition, you get to learn the process of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing the project. Here is where to get pmp certified.

  1. Split Big Tasks: One characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is splitting big tasks into smaller parts. So, this is is of no exemption for people in business. For example, in product based planning, one has to identify all the products that can lead to project success. For bigger projects, this part may be a fraction of the whole project. However, categorizing each product into their respective spaces can help achieve optimum results.


In addition, dividing big tasks into smaller units can help solve mass errors. Mass errors refer to mistakes made by many people, which affects all the people. While splitting duties, mistakes can be made by one person, which makes it easy to correct. Besides, each part of the project gets individual attention.

  1. Preference: Knowing the most important part of a project is an excellent hack for people in business. First, make a list of the most crucial project milestones. In this technique, project managers give more attention to these essential parts. As can be seen, if one does not have a certain degree of preference, then you might waste a lot of time on non-essential areas.

In our postmodern world, we know of companies that gave a lot of preference in the initiation stage. For instance, Bitcoin took over one year building its foundation. Also, one can keep identifying flaws in ongoing projects. This tip can help you achieve beyond your set goals.

Project managers can also give preference to important project milestones. Through strategic planning and consultations, you can come up with a roadmap that satisfies each objective.

  1. Use Management Tools: Project management is not a narrow topic. For this reason, we have millions of tools to help automate, solve, or ease various tasks. Even though you may use other secondary tools, we have specific tools that are tailored towards project management. Through technology, you can have access to most of these tools within microseconds. Most of them are online, easy to register and use.

Management tools include Workfront, Trello, Basecamp, Zenhub, Huboard, Microsoft project, Jira, Smartsheet, and Redmine. Their features may differ. However, distinctive characteristics of a good management software are that they allow one to develop a plan, assign tasks, track, and manage their projects in one place.

If you were looking for a successful project management career, be sure to consider these points. Managing a project can be hectic. That is why we have management software to help ease tasks.

Project managing is not limited to people of any personality. Anyone can manage a project. If you are looking forward to a successful project, here are the five project managing tips anyone can use in business.

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