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4 Ways to Beat the House 

4 Ways to Beat the House
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A night at the casino is almost unbeatable when it comes to fun and exhilaration. But however much of a good time you have playing, the reality is that absolutely no-one likes losing their hard-earned cash at the card table or the roulette wheel. While many punters accept these losses, chalking them up to the undoubted luck that plays a central role in whether you win or lose, others have made a career out of finding ways to beat the house.

To help you find an edge next time you are at the casino, we have put together this helpful list of strategies and techniques to try out.

1. No Distractions

Have you ever noticed the way casinos simply cannot wait to ply you with drinks when you are spending money? This is because they have worked out that people tend to exhibit higher risk-taking behavior when they are inebriated. 

Keep your powder dry and beware the scantily-clad girls that tend to congregate around the high-rollers.

2. Look for the Clumsiest Croupiers

Working as a card dealer as a casino may look like a glamorous gig, but the reality usually entails long hours being surrounded by annoyingly drunk gamblers. When a croupier is tired (not so good at their job), they are liable to make small mistakes, such as accidentally revealing a card, which can give you a large advantage. 

Look for the tables where the dealer either looks tired or careless to stand a better chance of winning. 

3. Quit When You Are Ahead

Have you ever wondered how a casino makes so much money? Well, the truth is that you do not come away empty-handed every time through bad luck or bad gambling ability – the games are designed to stack the cards in the house’s favor. The simple rule of probability dictates that if you play in the casino all day, you are almost always going to be down. But this does not mean that you can’t make money! Just quit when you are ahead to beat the odds!

4. Stay from the Lights

The management of a casino knows that people tend to gravitate to areas of the floor which are best lighted. Therefore, they tend to put the games and tables with the lowest probabilities of winning in these spots. Like moths to a flame, eager gamblers line up for their few minutes in the spotlight before retiring having had their hard-earned cash unceremoniously stripped from them.

A simple rule of thumb is to choose the tables which are dimly-lit if you want to enjoy an increased chance of winning. 

So, there you have it! A range of tricks that can help you to get one over on the house at the casino next time you are out on the town. If you want to put any of these strategies mentioned above into practice in a real-life situation, visit for some of the most exciting and winnable online casino games out there on the internet today

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