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Your Home Value Guide: How to Increase Your Home’s Square Footage 

Your Home Value Guide: How to Increase Your Home’s Square Footage

Are you making the most of your home?

A property only has so much floor space to work with, and it’s easy to outgrow it. Finding ways to expand the square footage is a great way to make your home work for you again. It’s a great idea, whether you want to add more space to grow your family or make your home more desirable to sell. But if you’ve never taken on a large project like this, you might not know where to even start.

Don’t worry, we can help! Keep reading for these ways to increase the square footage in your home to fall back in love with it again.

Build a Second Story

One of the biggest home additions you can do is create a second story. Depending on how large your home is, this can cost between $60,000 – $600,000 as a rough guideline.

This might seem expensive, but, it will double the square footage of your home. As such, it can add a significant amount to your home value or you’ll at least recoup your costs in a slower market.

You’ll definitely want to work with an architect, builder, or both for this project. They’ll make sure your foundations and structure can handle the weight of an extra story.

Build Above the Garage

If you have a garage, another of the most popular home renovations is adding a room or apartment above it. It’s a great way of adding extra square footage without changing your home itself.

With the garage foundations in place, as long as it can hold the weight you’re good to build up above it. Once you’ve finished it, you can have a separate space for guests, or you could even rent it out.

With this renovation though, a new roof, Type X drywall, and vapor barriers add to the cost. But they’re vital if you’re using the garage below for cars still. If you don’t have a garage at all check out The NC Builders as a new metal garage also can add to your square footage.

Build a Modular Room Addition

Modular additions are pre-fabricated (usually one room). You add it onto your home’s exterior to create a second story. It’s a popular project for single-story homes like ranch houses.

When compared to traditional options, a modular addition could be 10-20% cheaper. They’re made off-site too, so you won’t live in a constant construction zone. As for the cost, you’re looking at $80-$200 per square foot, depending on the size of the project.

Include a Dormer

Dormers add space to your attic and get some much-needed light up there. They also add curb appeal, as they make your home appear bigger.

If you have the skill, you can add one yourself for as little as $1,800. But unless you know what you’re doing, it’s better to call in the professionals. The cost for that sits around $4,500 – $16,500.

Complete Your Basement

Completing your basement will give you a boost in livable square footage. Whether you want it for a guest apartment, rental space, or even a home theater it still adds to your home.

For most basements, you’re looking at a cost of $30,000 to turn it into a livable space. This has a return on investment of about 70% though should you sell in the future.

If you’re looking to have a bedroom down there, make sure you have emergency windows at least. Or you should have a walkout to the backyard. This will help make it easier to get out if disaster strikes.

Add On to Your Kitchen

Even a minor kitchen remodel can increase home value on a massive scale. But if you can expand your kitchen’s square footage it’s even better.

Consider using flex spaces or a bump-out addition to make a breakfast nook. Or you could turn cupboard space into a pantry. Get creative, you don’t need the biggest space to make a dream kitchen.

Costs sit anywhere between $100-$50,000 depending on the size of your changes. You can expect to recoup up to 93% of the cost when you sell though.

Add to Your Bathroom

Another of the best home improvements is to increase the square footage of your bathroom. You could see returns on investment of up to 62% should you need or want to sell. Costs to expand your bathroom sit around $2,500-$30,000 depending on the scope of the project.

You could consider extending your master bathroom to allow dual sinks or a soaking tub. You could also consider adding a half-bath in a space you’re not using like under the stairs or in a larger closet.

Add a Mudroom

A lot of homes have entryways already, but having a whole mudroom goes the extra mile. It adds functional floor space and is great for coats, shoes, backpacks, and more. Add hooks and build-in cabinets with cubbies to add the most visual appeal.

It also further adds to the functionality of the new space. A mudroom can cost as little as $5,000 for the basics. It can cost more if you want the full works like a wet room or to use it as a utility room too. Depending on if you’re building a new room or not, it could be up to $30,000 for all the mod cons and a large space.

Make Use of the Back Patio

You could enclose your back patio and make an outdoor living room with views over your yard. This is an extensive project, especially if you want to extend the roof.

You definitely need to call professionals for this renovation idea. To count towards the square footage, a sunroom or orangery must cost off from the yard and the elements. It must also have access to and from the house. For this, you’re looking at around $8,000-$25,000.

Adding Square Footage to Your Home Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these ways to add square footage you’re sure to make your home work for you.

The great news is you can add square footage to any part of your home, depending on your needs. And in most cases, it’ll pay for itself on sale or even add extra value and appeal. Think about your needs and what you want the space for, this will help you find the right project for you.

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