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Why You May Choose Teeth Aligners 

Why You May Choose Teeth Aligners

Invisible teeth aligners are similar to braces in that they move your teeth into place by tiny shifts. Then, they hold your teeth in their new position for several weeks until your jaw begins growing around them again. However, unlike braces, all day or night aligners are moulded plastic trays that can be easily removed so you can easily eat and clean your teeth. While all-day aligners must be worn up to 22 hours per day, night time aligners are only worn for eight to 12 hours, typically while you are sleeping. These are the benefits of wearing teeth aligners.

They Are Invisible

Whether you use all-day or night only braces in the form of aligners, your trays are clear. They are essentially invisible. These trays have no wires or brackets that are easily visible. They also sit at your gum line, so you shouldn’t even see where they end.

Both teenagers, who are focused on blending in with their peers, and adults, who may have direct contact with the public and their peers at work, can be confident in their smiles because they are aligning their teeth in a way that isn’t easily detectable.

They Prevent Chronic Conditions

When your teeth aren’t aligned, they can cause other chronic oral health conditions. For example, when your bite isn’t proper, you may grind your teeth, causing damage to your enamel. Protruding and twisted teeth and misaligned bites can cause damage to your cheeks and the inside of your lips. Misalignments can also cause sleep apnoea, jaw pain and headaches. Also, your speech can be affected by how your teeth are positioned in your mouth.

Therefore, when you straighten your teeth and fix your bite using aligners, you can reverse some of these conditions and prevent future damage from occurring.

They Don’t Affect Dental Hygiene

If you had poor dental hygiene before you started your aligners, you should change your dental care habits, but if you had good habits, they should not change with aligners. Because they are removable, you can brush, floss and swish your mouthwash in the same way you always have. However, you may have to do so more often because anything left on your teeth will be pushed against them when you reinstall your aligners.

They are Convenient

It is not always convenient to consistently visit your orthodontist to have your braces adjusted. Clear aligners are typically given to you as a group of 25 or so at a time. Because you wear each for up to two weeks, you may not have to visit your orthodontist at all during your treatment period, depending on the company you work with for the aligners. In addition, you can remove them when you eat, and you can eat anything because your oral care is not affected by wires. Therefore, if you get things caught in between your teeth, you can easily floss them out. If you have traditional braces, you have to implement diet restrictions, such as no hard or chewy candy, no popcorn or nuts, etc.

Your Treatment Is Shortened

Traditional braces need to be worn up to 36 months to ensure that your teeth are fully aligned and remain so in the future. You also typically have to wear a retainer for some period after your braces are removed. However, invisible aligners have a typical treatment period of 12-18 months. Your aligner company may suggest that you wear a final aligner for a few months after your treatment is over to ensure that your bone is sufficiently hardened and your teeth won’t move easily, but your actual treatment period may be cut in half, at least.

If you are interested in invisible aligners, contact your orthodontist or a direct-to-consumer programme to see whether you are a candidate and learn about your customised treatment options.

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