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Why is design so important? 

Why is design so important?

Bad design is the most common reason why people abandon a website, with over 90% of them leaving due to poor design. And this isn’t just relevant for website creation. It applies to all elements of a business’s operations. Whether it’s as little as your email footer or as significant as your logo, you need to take it seriously. You must make things simple. You must be consistent in your approach. And you must repeat yourself ad nauseam (or at least until you reach 99%).

We see brands, messaging, posters, leaflets, and social media posts every time we step outside the door. To stand out in this sea of noise may be difficult. However, there are things you can do to improve your business’s or brand’s visibility.

Be consistent

People appreciate consistency. We’d like to believe we’re brave, try new things, and do things that we wouldn’t ordinarily attempt, but it’s not often the case. Even when on vacation, we prefer to claim the same sunbed or table for dinner. We quickly establish regulations even if we’re supposed to take a break. Your brand is no exception; therefore the design of your communications is crucial to your success. Consistency fosters trust, which leads to consumer loyalty. Customers and loyalists are born every day through consistency.

Keep things simple

Why make something more difficult than it has to be? The only way to break through the flood of messages a person receives on a daily basis is to keep your brand and design easy. It must first be noticed, then simple to read and understand. If your design is overly complicated, badly structured, or contains too many messages, it will get lost in everything else. You won’t receive the interaction you desire or acquire the consumers you desire. Every time, simplicity wins out.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Before a person does anything, they need to be exposed to a message or an ad 7-8 times. Yes, seven through eight times. To assist them in doing so, concentrate on the aforementioned points and then repeat, repeat, repeat. It doesn’t matter if you’re bored with your message or advert or social media postings; your consumers aren’t. There’s a good chance they’ve never seen it and if they have, it’ll just be three to four times before they can buy anything.

If you use the three techniques described above, you’ll most certainly overcome the noise.

Make sure you avoid any of these blunders, don’t let bad design hold you back.

You will not be dismissed if you don’t get the job, but you will harm your brand.

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