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Where To Find A Low-Cost Number Plate 

Where To Find A Low-Cost Number Plate

Cheap Northern Ireland Plates

Northern Ireland issues its own distinct set of number plates, but these are all handled in the same manner as the rest of the United Kingdom, from DVLA Swansea. As a result, it’s simple to transfer these registrations to vehicles registered in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Because registrations have no year identifier, it’s difficult to determine the vehicle’s age with them. As a result, they may be used on cars of any age because there is no way to tell how old they are.

They don’t tell you that, in many cases, dateless registrations have a higher price tag than private numbers plates that resemble legitimate number plates. In reality, Northern Irish registration numbers are some of the cheapest available. The letters that make up their names are 3 letters long and start with a lowercase letter. They range in price from around £198 to just under £1,000. The most significant difference is the fact that they have one fewer digit than double bars do (2 vs 4 digits). There’s also a tiny variation in the means of displaying them.

Even with that limitation, there are some excellent letter combinations available if you’re searching for a cheap number plate online – GAZ, BAZ, DEZ, WIL, and HAZ are just a few of the more popular; and with four digits you can pair a significant date or number such as 2265 to indicate a birthday of February 1965

It’s also feasible to obtain a string of numbers, which is fantastic if you have a fleet of vehicles to customise.

Cheap Prefix Plates – Make Your Own

Within the prefix style of motor vehicle number plates, there are a large number of low-cost private registrations available for less than £300.

You can make a lot of combinations by picking just the prefix year letter, 1, 2, or 3 numbers followed by three additional letters (not including I, Q, or Z).

If you have a middle name, these registrations are ideal for customizing a license plate to match your initials. If you don’t have a middle name, there are several strategies to meet the three-letter requirement and save money on private number plates. It’s possible that you could use the letter X as a placeholder at the end of the registration, so for someone with the initials TS, a TSX plate might be an option. If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, one option is to use an online reverse phone number search engine with a reverse phone number long code extension. For example, if the vehicle’s registration starts with 88 or ends in 565, adding the leading letter O to make it appear like +2000 TTS isn’t too difficult.

Unlike low-cost NI personalized plates, which have a limit to the age of the vehicle they may be installed on, premium number plates come with a restriction for the vehicle’s age. The golden rule is, “You may make your car appear older but not younger.” You may narrow down your search on our website to only show registrations that are appropriate for the car you want to put the number plate on.

They can also be purchased and held on a certificate of entitlement if you’re not ready to allocate your purchase to a vehicle just yet or if you’re buying the number plate as a present. After that, it’s simply a matter of the owner utilizing their V5C log book information and the certificate to have the plate assigned to their car through the DVLA once they’ve been given or when you’re prepared to install the reg on your vehicle.

Dateless “Cover” Plates

Private number plates, on the other hand, are much less expensive than dateless registrations and typically cost a lot more. It’s still feasible to acquire a cheap private number plate among the heavy-hitters, even if they’re not labelled “dateless.”

If you’re not too concerned about the characters on the registration, and it’s only the numbers that matter, or if you just want a “cover” for your automobile’s age but don’t want a Northern Irish reg, a low-cost dateless number plate may be perfect.

Registrations that are never used, known as “dateless registrations,” come to market on a regular basis. These might be regarded as affordable number plates depending on certain criteria. The first four characters of this plate are “CB,” which is identical to the year on a vehicle registered prior to 1962. Because there isn’t a year identifier, these marks can be assigned to any car – but they’ll have letter combinations that are unlikely to match anyone’s initials. As a general rule, the rarer the letter combination, the better your chances are of obtaining a low-cost personalised number plate.

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