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What’s on the Horizon? The Digital Marketing Trends Taking Shape 

What’s on the Horizon? The Digital Marketing Trends Taking Shape

Digital marketing is a must in today’s world. You need to show credibility to consumers if you want to stand out in the crowded market. When 75% of companies increase their brand’s credibility with digital marketing, it makes sense to take advantage of every opportunity you can online.

You can’t just stay comfortable with what you’re currently doing in digital marketing. Keep the following digital marketing trends in mind to prepare for new marketing channels in the future.

Informational Videos

Many consumers are starting to use the internet to learn how to handle tasks themselves. That’s why many people are spending their time on video websites learning how to become craftier and take care of issues themselves.

Companies are noticing this and producing content for these people. Doing this helps build brand trust and makes it more likely for people to turn to your business for things they need that will help.

Data Privacy

The internet has long been the wild west when it comes to data. People freely gave their data to companies without thinking of the repercussions. Today, that’s starting to change.

People are more concerned than ever about privacy on the internet. That’s led governments to start creating laws that govern data privacy. Expect restrictions on the data available in the future and changes to digital marketing platforms that reflect those changes.

Social Commerce

One of the biggest digital marketing trends in 2022 worth paying attention to is social commerce. You had to convince someone to leave social media websites to visit your store in the past. Today, that’s not the case.

You can now sell your products directly on social media. Expect to see more companies setting up social media stores and using them to build their businesses.


NFTs are still new to the internet, but they’ve exploded in popularity. An NFT is a digital signature that you own a digital good. Even better, consumers can resell digital items if they no longer want them anymore.

Brands are beginning to experiment with NFTs in their businesses. While there isn’t wide use of the technology yet, don’t expect that to remain true in the future. Start looking into NFTs today to see if you can utilize them in your business.

User Experience

For people looking at SEO trends, user experience is something you can’t ignore. Google released the Core Web Vitals update recently. That update takes user experience into account when determining rankings.

If you provide a poor experience for your visitors, you can lose your rankings in the search results. Put some effort into improving your page load times and mobile design to address these issues.

Stay on Top of Digital Marketing Trends

Advertising stayed the same for a long time, but that’s starting the change. The world of digital marketing constantly changes as new products get developed. Keep the above digital marketing trends in mind to prepare for new marketing trends in the future.

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