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What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Agents That Exist Today? 

What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Agents That Exist Today?

Looking to buy your first home? Before getting started, you should know that purchasing a home is a team effort. You can’t do it alone.

Before you even start researching homes in the area you want to buy, you want to assemble your team. This includes a lender, as you’re going to need a mortgage unless you are sitting on a big wad of cash.

You’ll need to choose a title company and a home inspector as well. But the most important member of your team is your local realtor. There are different types of real estate agents available.

Depending on the type of property you are looking to buy, you might need to contact a certain licensed real estate agent for best results.

If you are looking for a budget home, for example, you aren’t going to hire a luxury real estate agent.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of agents out there, and how to choose the best real estate agent for you. 

Seller’s Agent

The person selling a home is going to hire a seller’s agent. This real estate agent is responsible for creating the property listing and fielding incoming inquiries.

This is the agent you’ll be communicating with as the buyer. And it’s why you need to have a buyer’s agent in place, so the two can negotiate a deal.

Buyers Agent

As a home buyer, this is who you are going to hire. And you don’t need to worry about paying them since buyer’s agents are paid for by the seller of the property. Here are the types of agents you can look for. 

First Time Buyers

There are many real estate agents that specialize in helping first-time home buyers. This is important since many home buyers are looking for starter homes, otherwise known as cheaper properties.

Not all real estate agents are excited to work with this type of client, due to lower commissions. So if this is you, find an agent that wants to help someone like you and knows the best neighborhoods for first-time buyers. 

Luxury Agents

On the other side of the coin are luxury agents. These agents focus on high-end homes and understand the home appraisal value of luxury homes as soon as they walk into a property.

Make sure you work with an experienced luxury agent if looking for an upscale home. 

Some agencies in the Denver area know how to serve all types of clients, thanks to the range of agents that they have on their team. Contacting an agency like this will connect you with the best realtor for you. 

Condos and Townhomes

Looking for a smaller home, such as a condo or a townhome in a busy city? There are certain agents that focus on buying and selling these types of properties too.

Rural Properties

Maybe you want a house on some acreage. If that’s the case, work with an expert in rural properties in your area, as an urban agent likely won’t be able to help you find a rural property. 

Choosing Between the Different Types of Real Estate Agents

There are other types of real estate agents out there as well. All you need to do is determine where you hope to buy, what type of property you want to buy, and what your budget is.

These factors will help you determine which type of agent to hire for the best results.

Looking for more tips like this? Visit the rest of our blog today to continue reading. 

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