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What Are the Different Types of Construction Trucks That Exist Today? 

What Are the Different Types of Construction Trucks That Exist Today?

One of the largest construction trucks in the world has an operating payload of 160,000 pounds. For any type of project, there is a wide range of types of construction trucks. But how many trucking options, exactly, are there?

Read on to learn what the best trucks are for any given project and how many different types of construction trucks are used today.


The bulldozer is likely the best-known and most widely used piece of construction equipment. The vehicle looks like a tracker that has a massive scooping blade at the front. 

The blade can carry heavy loads of dirt, sand, and waste. Bulldozers cut or push materials over short distances. The blade relies on hydraulic cylinders


Trenchers are useful for a wide range of projects. They come in sizes that range from walk-up size to heavy-duty.

A chain trencher consists of a digging chain and a track trencher. The equipment digs deep and narrow trenches. 

A wheel trencher uses a metal wheel that has metal teeth. This piece of equipment cuts pavement for road maintenance. Crews rely on trenches to access pipes under roads. 

Backhoe Loader

Another familiar construction vehicle on a job site is the backhoe loader. They may look like a tractor. The backhoe loader is equipped with a powered shovel upfront and a backhoe in the rear. 

Two large tires propel the loaders. There are two smaller wheels near the driver. You can get the best truck tire deals here. 

The backhoe loader can handle landscaping jobs that may include digging up trees. Once dug up, the tractor can transport the tree. It can also move boulders, rocks, and dirt.


Looking to move some dirt? If it requires heavy excavation, you can rely on this heavy piece of construction equipment. 

Excavators consist of the bucket, dipper, cab, and boom. The equipment rides on a wheeled or tracked undercarriage. Excavators range from compact to large.


Forklifts are found in warehouses and outdoors at construction sites. The vehicle’s primary job is to transport crates and heavy equipment over short distances. 

Asphalt Paver

True to its name, the asphalt paver lays asphalt. A dump truck feeds the paver asphalt. It is then distributed over roads before being packed and leveled. 


If the soil beneath a road is not properly compacted, the concrete may erode. This can result in pipe breakage and other issues. Structural collapse is even possible. 

To ensure that a construction site has a good foundation, construction crews rely on a vehicle called a compactor. 

Learn More About Construction Trucks

Modern life would not be possible without the help of construction trucks. No matter what type of heavy lifting needs to be done, there’s a construction truck that is ideal for the job.

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