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Top 3 Big Benefits of Gift Giving to Your Clients 

Top 3 Big Benefits of Gift Giving to Your Clients

Last week, after weeks of research, your team decided to use a new vendor. You’re working remotely today, so after you got the kids off to school, you started working with a cumbersome spreadsheet.

Two minutes in, the doorbell rings. Thinking what now, you open the door and get handed a gorgeously wrapped present along with a handwritten note from your new supplier. A great way to start the day!

With external corporate gifts amounting to 140 billion last year, you weren’t alone. What are the benefits of corporate gift giving? Let’s take a look at the top three.

1. Stay Top of Their Mind

Among the top benefits of gift giving to clients is staying at the top of their minds year-round. You want them to remember you – not your competitor. For that reason, many companies make it a point of giving gifts to their top customers at least once a year.

When to give gifts? Christmas and holidays are obvious choices, but birthdays and important corporate dates – founder’s days or anniversaries – are also popular times.

2. Personalize Relationships

One of the most potent gift giving benefits is the ability to strengthen personal relationships. By giving a unique and personal gift, not only is your company saying thank you, it’s sending a message that you know your customer as an individual. 

Taking the time to find perfect gifts for clients pays big dividends. Here’s an example. Let’s say you had dinner with this client a few months ago. Over dinner, he commented on how much he liked the wine.

By sending a bottle of that wine and a handwritten note on his birthday, you’re letting him know that you remembered what he liked – and his birthday, of course!

There are a few things not to do. First, don’t give corporate branded gifts or generic presents. They are the opposite of personal. And one thing to do – always include a handwritten note!

3. Commemorate Milestones

Commemorating milestone events is another excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and stand out from the crowd. These might be events important to the customer or milestones that mean something to both of you.

Giving a personalized gift to the client on the date you started doing business together is a great example. Along with a note saying how much you appreciate their business, you’ll be creating top of mind awareness.

Another example is giving gifts to your top clients on the anniversary of your firm’s founding. Accompanied by an appropriate – handwritten, of course – note of thanks, you are telling the client how important they are to your success.

Gift Giving Pays Dividends

Savvy companies know that thoughtful gift giving to their customers pays big dividends and is much appreciated by the recipients. And the more personalized the presents are, the more they are appreciated.

Staying at the top of your clients’ minds, strengthening relationships, and taking the time to recognize significant events not only help your business but also put a smile on your client’s face.

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