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The Look for 2024? Natural, Natural, Natural 

The Look for 2024? Natural, Natural, Natural

We’re getting close to saying goodbye to 2023, which means it’s time to start looking toward 2024. So what is there to look forward to with the new year? A return to nature…kind of.

With the way the past few years have gone, it’s clear that the hyper-maintained style of the 2010s are now far behind us. No more heavily sculpted faces, no more minimalist, eerily neutral homes – instead, people have embraced the comfort of a more natural, less maintained style.

So, in 2024, it’s pretty clear that natural is where it’s at. Here’s the #WFH-inspired chic you should start looking for next year:


The 2010s was an era of bold looks and bright colors. With Kardashian-style contour and multicolored palettes dominating the market, the look was big and bold. But working from home left many of us opting for bare faces, and even as we’re returning to the workplace, minimalistic looks reign supreme. More people are taking a page from Korean beauty trends, focusing on skin care and light makeup rather than the heavily-baked looks of the pre-pandemic era.

This extends to cosmetic surgery as well. The over-the-top cheek and lip fillers that were all the rage just a few years ago have fallen out of vogue. Instead, subtle enhancements to bring attention to certain areas–or for a tasteful bit of de-aging–are what we’re likely going to be seeing this year. Keep an eye out for natural fillers along with small tucks and lifts.


Much like with our makeup choices, the work-from-home life got us all used to comfortable clothes. While fashion isn’t going full sweatpants-all-day, 2024’s spring fashion trends are leaning toward more loose silhouettes, with flowy, shapeless dresses, wide-cut pants, and sheer materials for a different kind of natural. 

We’ll also be seeing a more natural palette, with calming blues and whites dominating 2024’s fashion week this year. With serenely colored, loose fitting clothes, it’s certain to be a much embraced year of comfort.

Home Design

The reign of the box house is over. Cookie cutter suburban mansions have fallen from grace in the eyes of the public. Instead, people want a home that reflects who they are, not who they want to impress.

In 2024, we can expect a lot more emphasis on custom designs for homes, both inside and out. The past several years have trended toward brighter colors paired with more interesting neutrals (think mushroom instead of beige). This year’s sure to follow that trend, with another step toward less curated, more lived-in spaces.

That will likely extend to the outside of the home as well. We’re looking at more rustic facades, with natural stone and masonry and unique, personalized styling. Landscaping can expect a more nature-focused update too–while we may never shake the traditional neat green lawn, more and more people are incorporating native plants in their yards for an ecological boost.

Overall, though, like the shift in beauty and fashion, this step toward a natural home environment comes from the lingering shockwaves of lockdown. Our home’s aren’t a status symbol anymore – they’re an oasis, a safe spot away from the stress of life as we venture back into the world and, perhaps more stressfully, the office. But, for the lucky ones that get to work remotely full time, their homes must be a place where they are comfortable and happy, inside and out.


Whether it’s for a weekend trip, a vacation home, or a new permanent residence, people are taking full advantage of natural locations. Ever since the pandemic, people have been leaving big cities in droves and moving to less populated, nature-focused areas, and that’s not likely to change in 2024.

The benefit of the work-from-anywhere business model lies in being able to work from literally anywhere. So people are going wherever their hearts lead them, and for many, they’re led to a spot in the great outdoors.

Destinations like mountain cabins, beach houses, and coastal homes have become very popular among the #WFH crowd, enabling them to step away from work and right into the beauty of nature. Plus, many families are able to better enjoy their family time by getting their kids away from screens and turned to the natural wonders of the outdoors. So keep an eye on where people are moving in 2024 – and keep an eye on potential real estate out in nature.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

While being mindful of the environment has been on-trend for a long time now, more information on climate change and boosts in technology to combat waste and pollution. Because of this, and the increased moves out to nature, we’re likely to see more people continue trending toward more natural, ecological options for their day to day lives. 

Everything from reusable water bottles to bamboo utensils have a big chance of seeing more use. As eco-focused technology improves, you can expect to see more viable options using natural materials, along with mindsets focused around sustainability, fair-trade, and ethical labor.

Across the board, it’s looking like a natural aesthetic and lifestyle is one to keep an eye on for 2024.  From embracing one’s natural looks (and keeping any changes minimal and subtle) to creating a home with natural elements that actually look lived in, 2024’s a year that’s taking us back to our roots in the best possible way.

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