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The Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Solar Panel Installation Firm 

The Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Solar Panel Installation Firm

Choosing the right solar company can be an overwhelming process. You should find a provider willing to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions.

Look for a contractor to visit your property and evaluate potential locations to install your solar panels. They should also be able to calculate your energy needs using your current electricity bills.


When choosing a solar company, consider the project’s overall price. Prices vary, but a good rule of thumb is to get estimates from several companies. Prices will also be affected by location. A home with more sun will require fewer panels to meet the homeowner’s energy needs than one in a state with less sunny weather.

The best solar panel installation companies, like EMT Solar & Roofing, will provide you with quality products at a competitive rate. Generally, more significantly, established solar companies have the resources to keep their costs low. They can negotiate better rates with suppliers and manufacturers, and they may be able to offer more extended warranties than smaller solar installers.

In addition, the best solar installation companies will explain your options, including financing terms, warranty policies, and operating costs. They should also provide you with a contract stating the total price when you need to pay it and any other terms of service.

Once the installation is complete, your local power utility company must inspect and approve the system to be connected to the grid. This will double-check that all electrical work was done correctly and the installation complies with all applicable building codes. This is an important step that should be completed on time.


Choosing the right solar panel installation company can make all the difference in your experience with the project. The best solar companies can explain what to expect from their process, offer transparency around pricing and contracts, and help you choose the right system for your needs.

They will also provide an agreement defining how you will work with them, including payment terms and other installation process details.

Some solar companies have in-house installation teams, while others use third parties to complete the work. Both options can have advantages, but a company with an in-house team will typically have more control over the quality of its installation. It may be easier to work with when filing a warranty claim.

If you know a homeowner with a solar panel system, ask them about their experience with their contractor. Getting multiple proposals from different companies to compare prices and services.

Be wary of any solar installers that come to your door or put flyers on cars with high-pressure sales tactics. These companies are often a scam, and homeowners should not make decisions based on their word alone. Look at online reviews to find out what other people have experienced with the company and how they handled any issues.

Customer Reviews

The best way to assess the quality of a solar company is to hear directly from past customers. Check out testimonials on their website and ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues about their experiences with local solar companies.

A business with an established track record should also be willing to provide a list of references upon request. Finally, ensure the company has a business license and insurance policies; this ensures they will be around should something go wrong during installation.

The top solar companies are devoted to their clients and provide exceptional customer service. Look for solar companies that offer flexible payment options, including purchase, lease, and power-purchase agreements (PPAs). Companies should also have a clear understanding of state and local regulations.

A comprehensive solar warranty policy is essential. Ideally, the company you choose will offer a 25-year performance warranty, which ensures that your system produces the amount of electricity promised in your solar proposal and contract.

Look for a company that installs your area’s most popular brands of solar panels and solar batteries. Avoid companies that claim to have a “super-fast” installation process, as they are likely to rush the job and leave you with less reliable results. The best solar companies will work diligently to complete a thorough installation process.

Warranty Policy

A solar company’s warranty policy is one of the most important things to look for. Top solar installation companies offer manufacturer warranties on different components and installer artistry warranties that last 10-25 years. They also provide a performance guarantee or power production warranty. This ensures that a customer’s system will produce the energy specified in their proposal, even if it is below what the manufacturer guarantees for its lifetime.

The installer artistry warranty covers any damages or defects that may occur during the installation process. This is typically a much shorter warranty period than the manufacturer parts warranty, and it protects customers from paying for repairs or replacements if something goes wrong during the installation.

On the other hand, the product artistry warranty is usually 25 years and covers any issues with the actual solar panels. These can include corrosion, faulty wiring, and other things that aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye.

When choosing an installer, ensure they are industry certified and use products that meet or exceed manufacturer standards. Additionally, ensure the company provides a warranty on its work and will honor the manufacturer’s warranty should anything go wrong after the installation. Using uncertified workers or third-party repair services will void most manufacturer and artistry warranties.

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