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The 3 Best Ways To Clean Up Your Online Presence Before Job Hunting 

The 3 Best Ways To Clean Up Your Online Presence Before Job Hunting

When you post online, it might feel like you’re just sharing a laugh with friends or commenting on personal interests, but there’s a bigger audience you might not be considering. Once you’re out there, even potential employers could see what you’ve posted or things that might put you in the spotlight. 

Employers are turning to the internet to get a better sense of who you are outside the confines of a resume or job interview. This means that cleaning up your online presence is an important step in presenting yourself as a responsible candidate. In this article, we will go over several tips to help you clean up your digital presence so you don’t risk not getting hired. 

1 – Clean up social media profiles

When cleaning up your social media, start by getting rid of any posts, pictures, or comments that might look bad to a potential employer. Even a joke can be taken the wrong way if someone sees it out of context.

Next, check your privacy settings. This helps control who can see your posts. Even if you set your profiles to private, remember that settings can change.

Make sure your profiles are up to date and match your resume. This means having a professional-looking profile picture and an up-to-date bio that shows your current job and what you’re aiming for. 

If you need extra help with cleaning up online, you might consider using DeleteMe. This service helps you remove your personal information from the internet by regularly checking databases and deleting data that you might not be able to get rid of on your own. 

2 – Monitor your online presence

Keeping an eye on your online presence is essential even after you’ve cleaned it up. Setting up Google Alerts with your name can help you monitor new content about you on the internet. This way, you’ll know if someone mentions your name in a blog post, article, or any other online platform.

Regularly checking your online presence is also important. Every few months, go through your profiles and posts to make sure everything still looks good and reflects the image you want to present. Things change over time, including your opinions and how you want to be seen, so it’s important to keep everything current.

3 – Digital etiquette

To maintain a clean and professional online presence, it’s important to regularly update your profiles. The internet is a public space, and maintaining a consistently professional attitude is key to a positive online reputation.

As you gain new skills or complete new projects, add these to your online profiles to keep your information fresh and relevant. This new information is attractive to potential employers who may be reviewing your social media channels.

Regularly update your privacy settings and passwords to guard against unauthorized access. As the digital environment continues to change, staying proactive in safeguarding your personal information helps prevent security breaches and makes sure your online interactions remain private.

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