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Smart Ways to Consider When Hiring The Perfect Candidate 

Smart Ways to Consider When Hiring The Perfect Candidate

Replacing employees is highly costly. In fact, a Gallup poll suggests that it may cost up to two times the annual salary to replace one employee. If your turnover rate is high, these costs can be detrimental to your company. Therefore, it is vital that you choose job candidates. These are tips for hiring new employees.

Review Candidates’ Experience and Professional Skills

The right candidate will have experience doing the type of work you are looking for. If they do not have experience in a specific job, their skills should be transferrable. For example, a general manager of a small store typically has accounting experience, and these skills may be transferrable to an accounting position.

Evaluating candidates’ skill levels requires testing, and if you are interviewing multiple candidates for the same position, this process can be costly. One way to reduce the cost is to work with a specialised recruiting firm, such as an accountant staffing specialist.

In addition, ask questions about your candidates’ ability to work with others and how they handle heavy workloads, interruptions and priority changes. Do they adapt easily, and are they confident? Also, learn about their organisation and time management. Are they team players? Ask them how they would react or handle specific situations.

Pay Attention to Their Communication

Communication skills are vital to a successful transition, so pay close attention to how well your candidates communicate. Are there questions they wouldn’t answer? Did they dodge questions? Did they provide detailed or short answers? Because open communication is vital to the success of your company and its employees, your prospects need to be open to giving and receiving feedback and unafraid to seek help when they need it.

You also need to look at their nonverbal communication, their body language. Evaluate their eye contact, gestures and movements. Do they suggest their interest in the company and job? Were the prospects affronted by any part of the company or job description? How could you tell? Watch for honesty.

Pursue Life-Long Learners

Successful people are curious. They pursue knowledge and consistently add skills to their arsenal. This suggests that they are self-motivated and have a strong work ethic and ability to succeed and grow with your company over the long term. Ask what they are currently learning and why.

Sit Candidates With Other Employees

You can get outside information about candidates by sitting them with different employees in your company. For example, if you are hiring a customer service representative, consider sitting them with current representatives. Not only will the prospect get a better understanding of what is expected of them, but you can get feedback from your employees. These employees will not intimidate your candidates, so they may be more open, revealing personalities, feelings about the job and past experiences.

Evaluate Their Questions

Ideal candidates ask questions. They should ask about the job, its duties and why the previous person left, but they should also ask about the company. For example, they should inquire about the corporate culture, history and management. Pay attention to whether the candidates have done any research of their own about your company and how excited they seem to work with you. Also, look for insightful, unique questions. 

Watch for their physical reactions to your questions because these will show you whether the person is truly interested in the position and your company.

Analyse Your Candidates

After the interview, conduct an analysis. Determine whether your candidates have the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job. If they don’t, how quickly can they learn their duties? Are they willing to learn these new skills? Can they follow directions and coaching? Evaluate their motivation to join your company and do the job they applied for. Will they fit in your corporate culture?

Finding the right employees reduces your costs and stabilises your company. Therefore, commit to hiring highly qualified, self-motivated employees who will grow with your company.

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