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Should I Switch Careers? 8 Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job 

Should I Switch Careers? 8 Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job
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You’ve had your current job for years now. And while it’s keeping you afloat financially, it’s not exactly the most fulfilling career you could imagine. So, now you’re wondering: is it time to make a change? 

It just might be. But before you cut and run, you need to do your research. So, without further ado, here are 8 good reasons for leaving your job. 

1. You’re Being Offered More Money

Perhaps the best reason to leave your job is that you’re being offered more money at a different job. After all, more money equals more security. The more secure you are, the less you have to worry about the stresses and strains of life 

Remember: the primary purpose of working a job is to make money. Sure, you might like your current position, but be honest with yourself: is it going anywhere? If not, you have to jump on this new opportunity. 

2. You Have a Chance at Greater Responsibility

One of the big issues with staying at a single job is that it doesn’t allow for much growth. You’ll essentially just remain what you are at the present, and will never get to take on added responsibility. This will stifle your career, and prevent you from reaching your full potential. 

As such, if you find a job that offers you greater responsibility, you’re highly advised to pursue it. That job could be the stepping stone to the upper echelons of your career. It would be a shame for you to pass it up. 

3. You’re Miserable

The fact of the matter is that some jobs are miserable. Maybe they’re monotonous and boring? Perhaps they’re cursed by a domineering and narcissistic manager? Whatever the case may be, they do much more harm than they do good. 

If your job fits this description, you’re advised to head for the hills as soon as you can. After all, you spend anywhere from 3 to 7 days a week working. If you’re not at least content in the position, your entire life is bound to experience the negative impact. 

Get out now before depression and/or anxiety set in. Because once they do, you’re bound to find yourself in an inescapable rut. 

4. You’re Professionally Unfulfilled

Some people are content to do the same thing for 40 years. Others grow bored quickly and, ultimately, find themselves professionally unfulfilled. If you’re a part of the latter group, and if you’re professionally unfulfilled currently, you need to start looking for new employment. 

Use your gained experience (or take courses with Full Sail University YouTube) as leverage to land new and exciting jobs. Pursue careers that you have an actual interest in and see if you can attract any interest. The second you’re offered a new position, put in your two weeks and head off to the wide, blue yonder. 

5. The Company You Work for is Being Sold

There have been rumblings around the office for a while now. But now it’s official: the company has just been sold to new ownership. You still have your job, but things are looking a lot less certain than they used to. 

So, what should you do? Well, you could wait it out and leave yourself to the mercy of your new managers . . . or, you could start looking for employment elsewhere. Unless you have a tremendously secure position in the company, you’re advised to opt for the latter. 

There are few times as turbulent for an employee as when his or her company is being transferred to new ownership. New ownership very rarely sees things the way that the old ownership did, which can often result in layoffs and firings. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. 

6. Your Job Isn’t Meshing With Your Personal Life

You go to work to make money so that you can support your life outside of work. As such, if your work is intruding on your personal life, it’s doing more harm than good. Sure, you might have the money and the benefits, but at what cost? 

If you find that your job isn’t meshing with your personal life, you should deeply consider calling it quits and finding a new position. You’re a human being, and you need to be able to live a human life (ie. see your kids, hang out with your friends, etc.). 

7. Your Side Gig Has Taken Off

Maybe you have a side gig that has been bringing in supplemental income for the last few years? Perhaps it just took off in a big way? If so, now might be a good time to quit your full-time job and put your full focus on your side hustle. 

Note, though, that running your own business is much different than working for someone else. Not only does it carry greater responsibility, but it also lacks some of the benefits and tax breaks that employees receive when working for other companies. 

8. You’re Tired of Traveling

Does your job require you to travel on a regular basis? Are you getting sick of it? If so, there’s no shame in calling it quits.

Jobs that require you to travel regularly can have quite the negative effect on your mental health. After all, if you’re not spending time at home, you’re going to have a hard time forging meaningful relationships. 

Fortunately, a decent work-life balance is right around the corner. Find a new job and plant your roots. 

There are Many Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job

In truth, there are many good reasons for leaving your job. The ones reviewed above comprise only a small portion of them. So, if you’re ready to go, you might as well go; just make sure you have an employment plan in place before you do so. 

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