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School’s Out: 5 Jobs in Education That Don’t Involve Teaching 

School’s Out: 5 Jobs in Education That Don’t Involve Teaching

The education industry isn’t all about teaching, just like joining the army doesn’t mean you have to be a frontline troop! Like most industries, there are teams of people that work together to deliver the final package, which in this case is educating people.

And of course, education comes in various forms, not just in the traditional sense of standing up in front of a class as a teacher. The reality is, that there is a vast array of jobs in education. In this guide, we’ll touch on five of those jobs that you could potentially be interested in.

So here are the five jobs to consider!

Education Lobbyist

If you are passionate about your educational beliefs, you can find organizations and institutions that share them. As an education lobbyist, you will act on behalf of such institutions to persuade your shared ideas of change to policymakers.

These organizations and institutions can include universities, unions, and trade groups. You also might represent corporations with invested interests in the education system.

Child Care Director

If you feel like you’ve got a management flair in your skillset, then why not consider becoming a childcare director? In this role, you’ll oversee and coordinate all the activities in your child care center.

You’ll be responsible for creating a safe and comfortable environment for the children. In addition, you will have the opportunity to lay the foundations for children to transition into the formal educational system, which is different from state to state. Plus, you’ll hire and manage staff in various ways.


If you’re more of a thinker and a bit of a bookworm, you might relish becoming a full-time librarian. This is one of those education jobs where you will need excellent organizational skills and an eye for detail. 

Information sourcing and communication skills are must-have skills. Students will come to you with requests and you can aid them with book and material suggestions relevant to their studies.

Education Blogger

This has to be one of the most exciting alternative education jobs! With a passion for and experience in teaching, you could pass your knowledge on to a much wider audience through blogging.

As an educational blogger, you could work freelance, writing for existing educational blogs. Or, you could set up your own blog!

Whichever blogging route you choose, you’ll enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere in most cases. Plus, you will be able to express a multitude of ideas and concerns in written form.

Educational Consultant

If you enjoy a variety and different challenges, then becoming an educational consultant might be the job for you. Most educational consultants go from school to school aiding teachers and administrators to improve their educational potential.

For anyone that has been searching for “jobs in education not teaching,” an educational consultant role tends to suit experienced teachers. We’re talking about teachers who want a change, but still want to pass on their knowledge to others by working in education in a more advisory capacity.

Enjoy a Multitude of Jobs in Education Without Teaching

There are many types of jobs in education that don’t involve teaching. However, we think the five we have chosen in this post are well worth considering. And always remember, when you work in education, you are providing value and hope for future generations!

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