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PPC Basics Every Digital Marketer Should Know 

PPC Basics Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Every company is just one change from being successful in one ad to pulling in the perfect audience of customers who will want everything you have to offer.  It’s vital to carefully plan every ad you make so that you can make the most of it.

These are the top PPC basics every digital marketer would benefit from knowing and why they work so well.

General Knowledge of Microsoft Excel

This might feel basic, but unless you’re working with a high-quality PPC agency that can run your numbers for you, it’s a good idea to have a general understanding of Microsoft Excel.  Understanding this application will give you the opportunity to better control your information, better organize how you read it, and help you create a better advertisement in the future.  From the sorting capabilities to the opportunity to write formulas into it to measure future growth, Microsoft Excel is one of a kind.

Your Budget Matters and Should Be Planned

Your budget needs to be carefully planned and tracked.  Pay attention to how much you spend on every ad you put out and what the return in revenue from those ads is.  You will eventually be able to budget for a specific amount of click-throughs and purchases and decide which areas offer the best conversion rates for your budgeted investment to what you get in return.

If you find yourself losing money on advertising or making less than you put into it, you need to reconsider how you advertise and what combination of words, images, and landing pages you’re using for each ad.  Regardless of where you’re advertising, don’t budget more for your ads than you are willing to lose; although advertising is powerful: sometimes it’s still a gamble.  

Competitive Keyword Use Is Vital

The keywords used within your PPC ad need to be able to catch eyes and make it, so your target audience knows it’s for them.  If you’re selling oceanside real estate, you need to make sure your keywords tie back into that and aren’t just vague terms related to vacations.  

To figure out the best keywords, you should think like your customers and try to be specific.  Instead of simply stating ‘beachside,’ name the area your properties are in and consider what would make someone want a vacation home in that specific city.

Your Landing Page Has to Seal the Deal

When people click through your advertisement on your website, you need to ensure the landing page is one that will lead them to buy whatever you have to offer.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the advertisement needs to lead directly to your site’s store, but it should end at a location that makes them want to buy.  This can be your company’s ‘about’ page or a location of the site that shows your value to the customer.

There’s Nothing Like Good PPC Advertisements

A good PPC advertisement can be the difference between your company failing or succeeding.  Consider some of these basics when setting up your next ad so you can make sure you succeed.

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