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New to Texas Living? 5 Tips and Tricks 

New to Texas Living? 5 Tips and Tricks

Have you recently moved to the Lone Star state, the second largest in the country? With over 1,200 cities in the state, there are plenty of things to do in Texas. And it will take you plenty of time to do and see it all, too.

Do you need some inspiration for what to do in Texas? Are you wondering if there’s anything you should know while living here? Keep reading this article!

1. You Better Like Margs

The frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas, Texas. So if you’re moving to Texas, you better be ready to drink margaritas every time you go out!

If you want to check off some of the best margs in the state, check out the following:

  • Blue Mesa in the Dallas area
  • Gloria’s in Dallas
  • Fuzzy’s in Forth Worth

And of course, you’ll definitely find your own wonderful places to add to this list!

2. You’ll Be Suprised By the Affordability

Texas real estate is pretty affordable compared to other places in the country – well below the national average. You also don’t have to pay any income tax when living in Texas so that’s an added bonus to the affordability of the state!

If you’re looking for somewhere to live, check out the apartments here.

3. Be Prepared for Everything to Be Big

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and they’re not lying. From the houses to the state itself, and from the long drives to the big portion sizes at restaurants, literally, everything is bigger in this state!

Needless to say that living in Texas will keep you busy with everything around you being just a bit bigger than you’re used to!

4. The Weather Is Hot

You probably already knew this, but the weather in Texas is hot, so be prepared.

However, you may come to enjoy the warm weather because it allows you to travel around and explore the state all the time!

You can enjoy the beaches almost all year, enjoy San Antonio’s River Walk, explore Big Bend National Park in all seasons, and visit the Alamo whenever you want.

Just remember to pack sunscreen and stay hydrated!

5. You Have to Learn to Like Sports

If you’re already a sports lover, that’s great. But if you’re not, it’s time to learn! Texas takes its sports very seriously. From the Dallas Cowboys to the Houston Texans, sports are just like everything else here – bigger.

Pick your team and get cheering!

Things to Know for Texas Living

Moving to Texas can be one of the best decisions you ever make! From the amazing sports scenes to the beautiful weather year-round, you’ll come to love living in Texas!

There are so many things to do, you’ll find yourself constantly exploring!

If you enjoyed learning about living in Texas, check out the blogs on our site for more tips and tricks!

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