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Moving Right Along: Real Estate Marketing Ideas That’ll Sell Your House Fast 

Moving Right Along: Real Estate Marketing Ideas That’ll Sell Your House Fast

Are you getting ready to move into a new house? Make sure you keep reading below to check out these real estate marketing ideas that’ll help you sell fast.

Real estate marketing has come a long way. From the days when one has to put up a “FOR SALE” sign in front of the house, to using the internet as a marketing tool. One thing that is obvious is how technology has played a vital role in its revolution.

Buyers are no longer seeking real estate agents in their house hunting quest. Realtors applying the same strategies repeatedly while expecting better results is a problem.

Here are some tried and tested top real estate marketing ideas that will help sell your home fast.

Use Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media, some for fun and others for work. People tend to display their daily lives online. Announcing major life events like marriage or moving to a new town is one of the highlights in social media.

What is the best way a realtor can take advantage of this information? Have a live house tour on social media that suits your target market! People are now depending on social media to plan their dream vacations, why not join the wave and advertise your house? 

Show Prospects Surrounding Local Images

When people are looking to buy a house, they not only look at photos of the house but of the surrounding area as well. The time spent indoors is equally important as time spent outdoors.

It is common for them to check out the nearest malls and markets to get a glimpse of how life will be outside their homes. Find out what kind of activities your prospects enjoy and take them out a bit to experience those places.

These should be within a reasonable distance from the property.

Take Videos and Photos of the Space

Taking high-quality photos and video footage of the property sparks up the interest of your prospects. It’s easier for someone to imagine themselves living in that space thus invoking an emotional interest.

Videos and photos ensure that a client can be remotely enjoying the house without being physically there.

Host a Business-Friendly Event 

A one-day event of fewer than 30 people in an open house can bring endless networking opportunities. Additionally, it’s a platform to advertise the house and the perks that come with it.

Real Estate Flyers

About 30% of home buyers use yard signs during their house hunting quests. Yard signs have real estate flyers, which have more information about the price and a number you can text for more information on the property.

Not everyone has access to a smartphone, but the majority have access to a phone capable of sending texts. It is a sure way of marketing real estate business by actively reaching out to the buyer once they get back to you.

Find the Right Words

Apart from photos or videos, what captures most potential buyers is a description. Find emotion provoking phrases that will get the attention of someone who’s been exploring houses all day.

Give your reader something to daydream about whilst reading a description of that space. If you are selling a condo, describe the facilities one can enjoy like the pool or gym.

Use Real Estate Marketing Techniques to Get Many Offers

Whether you choose a realtor or decide to do real estate online marketing, ensure that the price is of market value. This has to be by far the most important factor to not only selling your house fast but getting many offers.

Thinking outside the box by adapting one or two of these real estate marketing ideas can make a huge difference in getting offers. Read more on our blog to get more tips on real estate marketing. 

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