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How to Use a Track Saw 

How to Use a Track Saw

Home improvement is making the rounds with companies like Home Depot reporting a $3.1 billion increase in sales. A major home improvement tool you should familiarize yourself with is the track saw.

This is a very useful item when dealing with sheet goods. This short guide will give you all the ins and outs of how to use a track saw for your projects.

Using a Track Saw

A track saw is a tool that can allow you to crosscut and rip down to more manageable sizes. Using a track saw is all about good cut quality with great portability.

These carpentry instruments can help cut down larger sheet sizes with ease. First, use the tracking tool and mark an indention on the sheet you wish to cut. The white indention is the line that guides the track saw.

Apply a straight edge against the splinter guard. This can identify any loose edges or uneven parts of the track.

It’s a line of cut indicator showing where the cut will happen. Make sure the cut line is flush with the track. The track is sticky enough on the bottom that it will stay in place. If not, use a few C-Clamps to keep the track in place.

Circular Saw Guide

The circular saw will ride on the track to give you a nice and even cut. Before cutting, make sure you are using the right protection against the elements.

This will include a pair of safety goggles of any kind, and an insular mask that can help block the dust from entering your lungs. You can also use a pair of earplugs to reduce noise pollution. The circular saw will cut up through the veneer to give you an even cut quality.

There must be no play between the track and the saw. The slightest wiggle can not only disrupt the cut but cause injury. It’s not about the quickness of the cut but the accuracy of the cut.

Track Saw Tips

If the saw is too stiff on the track, apply some T9 spray to help smooth it out. Once you spray and wipe down the track the saw will move more easily. Apply a little to the saw plate as well.

Push the saw in line with the rail. If you push the saw across the track outside of the line, it will cause some stressors preventing a straight cut.

It’s also important to let the saw do the work. Check out to find the best track saw for your project.

Once you install, choose the right blade for the project. This can either be a ripping blade or a crosscut blade. Choose the right one for the job.

Track Saw

These track saw tips will give you the best even cut. Following these simple tips will prevent any injury or damage to the track saw.

There are many track brands on the market today that allow for efficient cuts. Certain companies will allow you to switch any blade in minutes.

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