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How to Prepare Kratom Tea 

How to Prepare Kratom Tea

Kratom is a close relative of the coffee tree, part of the Rubiaceae family. Similar to coffee, it has a potent and robust flavor.

However, there are several potential health benefits also associated with this plant. This has caused an increased demand for this plant in the West. 

These reported health benefits include fighting fatigue and alleviating symptoms of depression. These reports have yet to be supported by medical professionals.

Regardless of why you take it, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it. We will show you how to prepare kratom and enjoy it in this article!

How to Prepare Kratom 

Kratom has a somewhat unfortunate flavor that some find challenging to consume. Many claim it has a potently bitter, strong, and grassy taste

When you think about flavors such as this, you might think of taking it as a medicinal shot. Similar to how many people consume healthy supplement powders such as wheatgrass. 

However, there are many ways to prepare kratom for enjoyment. Some mix the powders into their coffee or smoothies, arguing the flavors cover the bitterness. 

Others take the substance as a simple capsule to get the potential health benefits. But, there are more exciting and tasteful ways of consuming kratom than just hiding the flavors. 

How to Make Kratom Tea

Preparing kratom tea is simple and easy. It is the easiest way to consume the product without experiencing any digestive issues. Taking potent substances such as wheatgrass powder or capsules can cause digestive discomfort. 

The same can be said of kratom. If you make your kratom into tea, your stomach and digestive tract will thank you!

When making kratom tea, do not use heavily boiling water for your tea. You want it to be hot but not boiling. Boiling water may make the tea too intense and overwhelming. 

Add milk, stevia, or other sweeteners in moderation if you prefer a more mild tea. The taste of your tea should somewhat resemble green tea powder (matcha) tea. 

1. Kratom Tea Leaves

You can make a simple tea similar to how the people of South East Asia have for centuries. This involves simply taking the tree’s fresh leaves and adding them to hot water. 

Fresh kratom leaves are difficult, if not impossible, to purchase in the west. So, you will likely use dried kratom leaves rather than fresh leaves. 

Don’t worry, though. It will still make a potent and tasteful tea. You can strain the leaves if you prefer, but is it not necessary.

2. Kratom Teabags/balls

Like the method above, you can also make kratom tea with tea bags. These are available in disposable sachets, but you can also make your tea in a tea ball. 

Using a tea ball to make kratom tea is simple and similar to other teas. Just open your tea ball, add your loose leaf tea and let it steep in your cup. 

3. Kratom Tea Powder

Making kratom tea can be more creative if you use kratom tea powder. To prepare kratom with tea powder, you will add a scoop of tea powder to hot milk or water. 

Preparing kratom tea this way is similar to how matcha lattes are made. And you can increase the impact of your kratom tea by using enhanced kratom powder.

How to Prepare Kratom to Enjoy

Like coffee and black tea, the taste of kratom is somewhat overpowering. However, the good news is you can make your kratom tea in various ways. 

Add sugar, milk, and ice to the milk tea. Blend this in a mixer and make a tasty milkshake. Or, make a kratom tea ice cream similar to the famous matcha tea ice cream. 

Have you wondered how to prepare kratom and enjoy it? Get creative and make your kratom the way you like!

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