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How to Make Your Car Smell Good: 4 Easy Tips 

How to Make Your Car Smell Good: 4 Easy Tips

Did you know that the average person can detect one trillion smells, at least?

When one of those scents is lingering in your car, you’ll want to know about getting rid of odors. And while a small spritz of your favorite body spray might do the trick for a few minutes at a time, there are more long-lasting solutions.

From cleaning your car out to purchasing an air diffuser, there are plenty of ways to go about cleaning a car’s air of unpleasant odors.

Learn all about how to make your car smell good with these four quick tips.

1. Trash Removal = Odor Removal

Of course, you lead a busy life and sometimes that means you don’t have time to throw out the takeaway bags or that bottle of orange juice from a few weeks ago.

But if you habitually use your car as a storage space for your garbage and leftovers, then who knows what’s growing in your vehicle? And, if you’re noticing an odor, the first thing to do is clean out your car. Check under the seats, in the glove box, in the door panels, and anywhere else there could be garbage stacking up. 

2. Getting Rid of Odors With an Air Freshener

You know the ones: they sell them at every gas station in the country. All you need is a rearview mirror to hang it on and you’d be surprised the difference they can make.

However, the difference doesn’t last long. You get what you pay for and these very temporary solutions to getting rid of odors in your car follow that rule closely. 

3. How to Make Your Car Smell Good With an Air Diffuser

For a more sustainable, personalized, and safe option, try an air vent diffuser.

They’re safer because the scent is produced by your favorite essential oils. These are much cleaner for the air in your car than gas station air fresheners. They’re also personalized because you get to choose the essential oil you use.

Finally, they’re sustainable because they don’t need to be replaced. You simply place a few drops of your favorite scent into the diffuser and place it on your vent. When the essential oil becomes faint in 30 to 90 days, just place a few more drops.

Find out more about one of the best ways to make your car smell good again.

4. Airing It Out

If your car has spent a long winter with the windows rolled up, it might be keeping a smell inside. Roll down the windows when you drive or when you’re parked in a safe spot and allow the car to air out a bit. Sunshine can also help with unpleasant odors.

You might also consider cleaning out your air ducts. There’s a special duct cleaning disinfectant to clean the air intake, just be sure to blast the AC to ensure the cleaner makes its way through the system.

More on Maintaining Your Vehicle

If the odor in your vehicle is caused by trash, it’s time to clean it out. If that doesn’t work, you can try airing it out. But the best ways to keep your car smelling good are air fresheners and (even more so) air diffusers.

And now that you know how to make your car smell good, make sure you’re taking care of the rest of it. Check out our Auto section today.

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