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How To Increase Your Libido 

How To Increase Your Libido

If your sex life is lacking a little lately, there could be a number of reasons why. It’s normal for everyone to experience dips in their sex life, but if you’re noticing that your libido may be the problem, we’ve come up with a few ways that you can help increase it. 

Explore Sex Toys

Adding sexual accessories to your relationship or even your solo pleasure can help to spice things up, boost your libido and give you some mega pleasure. By adding a sex toy into your sex life, you can increase the thrill and desire you feel.

Start small with a bullet vibe to use during masturbation to heighten your arousal and lead you to a powerful orgasm as you perform targeted stimulation on your clitoris and around your vulva.

Try out a remote control egg with your partner to wear inside your vagina as they control the settings to heighten your sexual anticipation. By having more sex and more orgasms, your libido will naturally be boosted.

Another great alternative to sex toys would be to hire escorts in London for an elevated experience the next time you find yourself in the Swinging City!

Eat Libido Enhancing Food

While there may not be a magic superfood that instantly gets you hot, certain foods are full of key nutrients that enhance your sexual desires.

Foods rich in zinc like oysters, red meat and pine nuts are great aphrodisiacs.

Foods that boost circulation like fresh produce and whole grains are also great to incorporate into your diet.

You can also prevent sexual disfunction with certain foods that are high in flavonoids such as peppers, tea and cocoa.

Whilst eating more in libido enhancing foods, you may also want to limit libido lowering foods such as fried foods, soy, high sodium foods and foods high in sugar. 

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol has a negative impact on your sex drive as it impacts certain parts of your body that are important for sexual function and sex drive.

Although after drinking you may feel an increase in libido, this is only temporary, and the effects afterwards can lower your libido even more.

Alcohol restricts blood flow and also causes damage to organs which can negatively impact sex drive. 

Exercise More

As you exercise regularly, you’ll have a generally better body image making you feel more confident having sex.

As well as body confidence, exercise increases the blood flow around every part of your body – including your genitals!

This therefore increases sexual desire temporarily and can help increase lubrication. Exercise is also a great stress killer which can help to boost your libido.

Stress is the main cause of a lacking libido, so battling your stress and anxiety can help.

One form of exercise that is thought to improve sexual arousal, desire and orgasm is yoga. By feeling strong, flexible and confident you naturally improve your libido.

Yoga benefits us physically and mentally by balancing hormones and increasing circulation which can open us up and benefit our desire for intimacy and sex.


Overall, leading a healthy and happy life is the key to a great libido. Stay away from unhealthy and fatty foods and focus on healthy, aphrodisiac foods to get you going.

Also get your body moving! By increasing circulation, you can feel more aroused and battle any stress along the way.

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