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How to Clear a Clogged Drain in 4 Simple Steps 

How to Clear a Clogged Drain in 4 Simple Steps
Cleaning the old sinks.

The word plumbing originates from the Latin word plumbum which means lead.

Drainage systems have been around for thousands of years, so it’s possible our ancient ancestors suffered similar frustrations in trying to unblock them.

When our drains become clogged, it’s incredibly frustrating and often leads to bad smells taking over the house. But before you call your local plumber, there are a few things you can try first.

In this article, we’re going to give you some easy tips on how to clear a clogged drain, so you can carry on with your day as normal.

Read on for more information.

1. Try a Wet and Dry Vacuum

This may be something you haven’t thought of, but you wish you had known about it sooner. Well don’t worry, we’re telling you now.

Check to make sure your vacuum is suitable and then turn it to the wet setting. Put the nozzle over the sinkhole and ensure there’s a tight seal. If air can easily escape then it won’t be as effective.

Turn the vacuum on and hopefully the obstruction causing the blockage will be sucked right out of the drain. It may take a minute or two so be patient if it doesn’t work straight away.

2. Use a Coat Hanger

Now you can add drain cleaning to the list of what your old coat hangars are useful for.

Make sure it’s metal and straighten it out, whilst creating a small hook on the end. Slowly feed it down the drain and try to hook out whatever is stuck in the pipe.

It may be a 20-minute job to get everything out, but it will save you money.

3. Pour Boiling Water Down It

You may think that you have tried this and it just hasn’t worked, but most use warm water which isn’t that effective.

To dissolve whatever is down there, the water needs to be boiling. Heat a large on of water on the stove and bring it to boil or simply use a kettle.

Make sure you pour it directly down the drain and be aware that boiling water can crack porcelain. Also, don’t attempt it if you have PVC pipes as it can loosen the joints.

4. Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is a simple trick but it can work in some instances so it’s worth a go.

First, you need to pour some boiling water down the drain. Follow this up by pouring equal parts of baking soda and vinegar down, in that order. Then you need to cover up the drain with a plug or cloth.

Leave this for around 30 minutes and then pour lots more boiling water down to clear it. Hopefully, your drain will now be unblocked.

How To Clear a Clogged Drain Easily and Fast

We hope you have enjoyed our article and know more ways of how to clear a clogged drain.

As you can see, there are a few simple things you can try first before you spend money on a plumber. Be patient with some of the techniques and you may need to repeat them.

Check out the rest of our blog for more tips and information on health, technology, and much more.

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