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How to Choose the Best Loft Apartments: A Guide 

How to Choose the Best Loft Apartments: A Guide

In the US, there are almost 20 million rental properties. This means if you need a place to live, it won’t be hard to find a rental property to stay in.

But what if you want something more unique than just a regular apartment? In that case, you should look into loft apartments! Many have served commercial purposes before, which makes the space truly unique.

Has this piqued your interest? Then here’s a brief guide on how to choose the best loft apartment to rent.

Check How Old the Building Is

When you rent an apartment, you need to check how old it is, regardless of what type of property it is. This can give you an idea of how inhabitable it is, especially if it’s been a while since the last renovation.

On that note, renovations are needed, especially for loft conversions. See when the last work was done and if things are up to standard.

Inquire About the Utility Bills

While lofts are big and spacious, they’re notorious for having hefty utility bills. This is thanks to their high ceilings and open floor plans. In addition, many landlords don’t take the necessary steps to make the apartment more energy-efficient, which means their loft apartments can bleed you dry.

So even if a loft apartment looks amazing, ask the landlord how much utilities cost before you sign a contract. The amount just might shock you and cause you to cross the property off your list!

Think About Furnishing

Not only are lofts big and spacious, but they also have odd dimensions. Typically, they have fewer storage options, such as walk-in closets, so you’ll have to factor that in too.

Not only should you think about the cost of rent and utilities, but weigh in the price of new furnishing as well. In addition to things like couches, tables, and chairs, you’ll also need extra cabinets, shelves, and closets. This can end up being tough on your budget, especially if you have a tight one to work with.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Location

A loft apartment might be exciting to live in, but if it’s away from all amenities, it can quickly get old and boring. Not to mention, it’ll be inconvenient as well.

Somewhere like The Lofts at Paddy Os offers you beautiful spacious loft apartments, as well as quick access to the downtown area and nightlife.

Choose From the Best Loft Apartments

Living in loft apartments can be a fun and unique experience, so long as you remember the information in this article. When you’re looking for the best apartment, consider not just the rent, but also how much utilities will be, what furnishing you’ll have to get, and how close you are to desired amenities.

By keeping those points in mind, you’ll be able to cross off loft apartments quickly and find the one of your dreams!

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