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How Often Do Commercial Roofs Need to Be Replaced? 

How Often Do Commercial Roofs Need to Be Replaced?
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Believe it or not, the market for roofing contractors has jumped by almost 5 percent in the last couple of years. So, when it comes to roof replacement, chances are that you may need a roofing professional too.

Ready stop asking yourself, how often do roofs need to be replaced?

If that’s the case, then you’re in luck. Learn more about commercial replacements here!

How Often Do Roofs Need to Be Replaced?

For those of you are wondering when to your commercial roof, allow us to help. Since this is a big investment, you are going to want to be 100 percent sure that you are not swapping out a roof that could easily be repaired.

Also, you must decide if you would like to purchase the same style of roofing or a new style of roofing. That being said, it is always the smartest idea to replace your roof when it hits the end of its life expectancy. Yes, you read that right.

Because every roof has a different life expectancy, you should probably have an estimate of how long your original roof is supposed to last for. In terms of “flat roof types,” asphalt roof systems and EPDM rubber roofs typically last between 20 and 25 years.

On the other hand, metal roof systems and PVC roof systems can last anywhere between 25 to 35 years. Besides this, TPO roof systems must be replaced every 20 to 30 years!

Why Is Replacing a Roof Cheaper Than Fixing It?

In case you didn’t know this already, replacing a roof is cheaper than fixing it. But why is that?

Here’s the deal. If your roofing repair estimate is over half of the price of buying a new roofing system, it’s time to swap out your old system. That’s because this is simply the most cost-effective choice, especially if your roof has:

  • Worn out seams
  • Splitting membranes
  • Blistering membranes

To put it clearly, the price of repairing your roof might be more than replacing it altogether. However, we highly recommend that you have your commercial roof inspected by a pro before you consider replacing it.

Depending on what your contractors say, you may need to think about whether you want a partial or full re-roofing project. For example, if you would like to add solar panels to your commercial roof, you must replace it before you do so.

Looking for commercial roofing inspection professionals you can trust? There’s no harm in asking your family or friends for suggestions! 

It Pays to Know When to Replace Roofing

Are you still wondering:how often do roofs need to be replaced?

If so, we’ve got you covered. Once you have an expert inspect your roof’s health, you’ll be able to complete your roofing project with ease. 

Have you received the green light yet? Now, the only hard part will be choosing the perfect roofing materials for your business. We truly wish you the best of luck!

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