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How Much Does It Really Cost to Wrap a Car? 

How Much Does It Really Cost to Wrap a Car?

Did you know that the benefit of wrapping your vehicle is getting to advertise your business? If you want to invest in a car wrap, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how much it costs to wrap a car and explain the potential fees.

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Your Vehicle Will Impact the Price

Most of the time, the cost will rise if it’s a labor-intensive job for the technician. For example, Tesla’s are accessible vehicles to wrap in a smooth and simple design.

If you begin to add upgrades like custom designs, wheel wrapping, or specialty vinyl, you’ll see the price increase.

For a compact vehicle, you might spend around 2000 dollars. Do you own a family sedan? You might need to pay 3000 dollars.

A compact crossover vehicle could cost around 3500 or more. Full-size SUVs could cost you 4000 dollars. Expect to spend more on a luxury sports vehicle. You could spend over 10,000.

Prices will range depending on the difficulty of the wrap and the size of your vehicle.

The amount of labor needed for the job will also impact the price. It’s challenging to remove the rear and front bumper covers on some vehicles.

Curvy vehicles or creased panels will also need more work compared to a smooth one. A two-door sports couple will end up being cheaper to cover compared to a four-door sedan.

Treatments like a carbon fiber look could add more as well. You will need to pay extra money for chrome treatments, and the chrome treatment could cost 6000 dollars.

What About the DIY Option?

Are you wondering whether you could complete the car wrap on your own? You should consider working with a professional who has experience with car wrapping like

If you feel you have the right technical skills or have a friend who can help you, you could try. When you take on any task, you will end up spending less money.

You will need to look up prices for the different vinyl wraps. Some vinyl wraps will cost around 40 dollars for 10 square feet.

The average car will need 250 square feet of vinyl, and a standard DIY car wrap could cost up to 1000 dollars.

The prices will be affected by the vinyl retailer, the vinyl brand, and the wrap’s design. If you end up making a mistake, you will need to bring your vehicle to a professional.

What Color Will You Choose?

Car wraps will include different vinyl decals, and the decals get put on the other panels of your vehicle.

The hood, fenders, decklid, bumper covers, and doors will get the decals added. The wrap covers every inch of the body, and the original color of your vehicle won’t show up at all.

The wrap works almost like a paint job. If the wrap gets put on well and is maintained, it won’t end up altering or damaging your vehicle’s paint. The wrap could also protect your car paint.

You can choose a customized option. Like a paint job, there are different matte, glossy, and color options.

You could also look at a metallic or chrome color choice. Wraps will be designed using a computer program, and you will have a chance to pick from many different designs and graphics.

Choosing a car wrap will give you more variety compared to a new paint job. You can easily remove the wrap by peeling it off. Apply different paint colors or graphics that are challenging to create otherwise.

If you want to put a business logo on your vehicle, consider a car wrap. You can remove the logo if you end up replacing the car.

What’s the Condition of Your Vehicle?

Your vehicle condition will end up affecting the performance of the wrap. Dings, dents, and scratches will stick out.

The same will occur if you try to paint over these blemishes. Chipped paint or corrosion could also end up hindering the decals. Some shops won’t put on a wrap if the paint’s peeling on your vehicle.

If you really want to put a car wrap on your vehicle, consider waiting until you get a new vehicle. This way, your newer vehicle will look better with the car wrap. You want your investment to last. 

Where You Live Could Impact the Price

Your location will affect the maintenance you need to complete for your wrapped vehicle.

A high temperature can end up affecting the car wrap and break it down. A wrapped car that gets parked in a garage will do better.

In colder states, you’ll need to deal with salt and other conditions that can impact your vehicle. Removing or changing a vehicle wrap’s reasonably straightforward.

It could cost hundreds to remove the wrap, and it will cost more if the wrap has begun to fuse to the paint surface, making it more challenging to peel off.

A vehicle wrap will work as a protective cover and help maintain the paint job on your vehicle.

Go Wrap a Car Today

We hope this guide on how much it could cost to wrap a car was helpful. Now that you know more about the costs consider getting a wrap done.

A wrap can end up protecting a paint job and also show off a business logo.

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