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How Much Does it Cost to Have an Outdoor TV Antenna Installed? 

How Much Does it Cost to Have an Outdoor TV Antenna Installed?
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Did you know that the average American watches 3 hours and 46 minutes of TV daily? 

Televisions have become an integral part of our lives, they allow escapism after a long day at work, they provide educational programs for children and adults, and they are always there to fill any silences.

But to be able to watch a TV, you need an antenna. Keep reading to learn more about how much it costs to have an outdoor antenna installed.

Why Do You Need an Antenna?

TV antennas allow you to watch free broadcasts, so you can watch all of your favorite channels and TV shows without having to pay for streaming services, cable, or satellite.

Over time, antennas might encounter wear and tear or be damaged. If this happens, you might notice that some channels don’t work, or that the image quality on your TV is poor. Luckily, TV antennas can be replaced or repaired, meaning you can watch your favorite shows again in no time.

Types of Antennas And How They Work

There are a variety of options when it comes to antennas and when you’re wanting to choose the right one, it all depends on what you want from your antenna. Some people might prefer to get a budget antenna while other people might want to ensure they get the best reception for their TV.

Indoor Antennas

Firstly, you can get an indoor antenna. This is a small and affordable option if you want to quickly get a TV up and running. Indoor antennas cost between $10 and $75.

Here are some of the top tv antennas on the market (very affordable!)

However, they typically have a low range which means you might not be able to get a good signal for your TV channels. You can plug them in and place them in front of your television set, some other items that will look amazing where your TV is set up are speaker systems, surround systems, or home theaters you can check out more information here:

Outdoor Antennas

An outdoor antenna is a popular choice for many because unlike the indoor antenna, it provides better reception. Outdoor antennas are placed on the roof of your house (usually by a professional, because it can be quite dangerous) and can cost between $30 to $300, this price covers the cost of the antenna and the roof antenna installation.

Antennas that are mounted on the roof of a property use a metal construction to receive very high frequency and ultra-high frequency transmissions. Those that are attached to a roof up high, usually receive the best reception, giving you high-quality resolutions on your TV.

Unidirectional Vs. Multidirectional Antennas

A unidirectional antenna has a strong range in one direction, but they need to be installed carefully by a professional to ensure a good picture. While a multidirectional antenna is able to pick up signals from various directions. Multidirectional antennas often have excellent reception and picture quality, but they can have problems with picking up noise distortion.

Amplified Vs. Non-Amplified Antennas

If you live in a rural or mountainous area, then you might be advised to get an amplified antenna. Amplified antennas are more powerful than non-amplified, however, they can be more expensive and they need to be connected to a power outlet.

How to Install an Outdoor Antenna

It is possible to do your own antenna installation. However, if you haven’t done it before or don’t feel comfortable doing it, then it might be best to let the professionals do it for you.

To install an antenna to your own roof, you need to assemble the antenna. Then you must connect the lead-in cable to the antenna. Find the best place to place your antenna and then install the mount there. After you’ve done that, you can attach the antenna to the mast. Don’t forget to ground the antenna with aluminum wiring. The final step to installing your own outdoor antenna is to attach the antenna to your television. 

If you choose to install the antenna yourself, remember to be very careful and use all the appropriate equipment, such as a roof ladder and safety gear.

Get a Professional

Alternatively, if you want to get a professional to do it for you, then there are many experts who are willing to help. Have a look at this TV antenna service company to find out how much a professional installation will cost you.

Some additional costs might incur depending on the type of antenna you want and where you want it to be installed. For example, you might decide you want an antenna that will provide you with the best possible reception and quality, so this might be more costly. 

The location of the antenna can also ramp up the costs of your installation. If you want it installed in an inaccessible location or the job will be time-consuming, then the professionals may charge more for the installation. Professionals will be able to install antennas in hard to reach spots, however, they do this using a remote control rotor, so this might be why your antenna installation costs more.

Learn About How Much It Costs to Have an Antenna Installed

As you can see, having an antenna installed doesn’t cost that much, however, there are factors that might affect the overall cost of your antenna installation. For example, the type of antenna you want to be installed, the location of the antenna, and the picture quality you desire.

If you already have an antenna but it is damaged, due to wind or general wear and tear, then a professional might also be able to repair it for you.

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