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How Much Does Assisted Living Cost? The Prices Explained 

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost? The Prices Explained

There comes a time in a person’s life when living independently is no longer possible. Simple tasks like running to the grocery store and keeping up with the house are more difficult and can lead to injury. When that happens, what are your options?

One of the most common options is assisted living. It allows you or your loved ones to live mostly independently while receiving the help that you need. How much does assisted living cost?

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

There are a couple of different pricing models when it comes to assisted living facilities. Some separate the rental amount from the care services. Others have a flat-rate fee that includes everything.

If you’re considering a home that has a separate care services fee, then the level of care you need will impact the amount of that fee. People who don’t need a lot of extra help can expect to pay $100 to $200 more than the rent. The cost of care services can increase to thousands of dollars if a lot of additional care is needed.

You should expect to pay between $3,500 and $4,500 per month for assisted living. If you have extensive medical care needs, your cost may be more. Be sure to ask for a thorough evaluation to get a realistic view of your costs.

What Is Included?

Knowing how much assisted living facilities cost is great, but what does that price tag include?

There are a lot of amenities at assisted living facilities that make them comfortable places to live. At a minimum, each person who lives in an assisted living facility will have a private apartment and three hot meals per day. Many have staff that visits the apartment on a regular basis to tidy up and perform maintenance.

If you need additional care, you can upgrade your personal services to include things like bathing, toileting, laundry, and transportation to the doctor.

Are There Other Expenses?

It is possible that you will incur additional expenses for assisted living if you or your loved one needs additional care beyond the standard care packages.

For example, if your loved one needs skilled nurse visits, then you will have to pay for those on top of everything else. In addition, if your loved one has dementia or needs some form of memory care, then that will be an additional expense.

Are You Considering Assisted Living?

There’s no cut and dry answer to the question of “how much does assisted living cost?” The answer is dependent upon a number of variables including where you live and the level of care you or your loved one needs. Don’t be afraid to shop around to gain valuable insight into the assisted living homes in your area.

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