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Grow Your Own Green: 10 Must-Know Marijuana Growing Tips for Beginners 

Grow Your Own Green: 10 Must-Know Marijuana Growing Tips for Beginners
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Nearly 160 million people use marijuana from all around the globe.

Marijuana has become legal in many states, whether it be for medicinal or recreational use. 

If you use marijuana and want to grow it yourself, there are many things you must know. 

Continue reading to discover some of the most helpful marijuana growing tips that you can try! 

1. Make Sure Your Have Light

One of the most important things that you MUST have when growing marijuana, is light.

Although sunlight can work, it is recommended that you use growing lights or lamps for your plants. LED bulbs are best for supplying your plants with artificial light and they are energy-efficient. Fluorescent and metal halide grow lights also work just as well.

The more light that you provide, the more your plant can grow and produce. 

Normal light bulbs won’t be able to help your marijuana grow, unfortunately. 

2. Use Nutrients 

Depending on the quality of your soil, air, and sunlight, you may need to use nutrients.

Growing nutrients, such as Miracle Grow, can help supply your plant with everything it needs and continue to grow. The three most important nutrients for marijuana plants are potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. 

Make sure that anything you buy has these three nutrients. You can typically use them when you want each plant. Always follow the directions that come with your plant nutrients to avoid over-fertilization. 

3. Purchase Good Seeds

The strains and quality of the marijuana that you grow often depends on the seeds that you have.

To get good quality marijuana, you want to start with top-shelf seeds that have pure genetics. Clones and bagseed typically don’t produce much and have a harder time growing. 

If the buds on your plant don’t have a strong odor and look more “fluffy” than normal, you likely didn’t use the best choice of seed. Make sure that you only get your seeds from trusted websites and stores. Seeds can easily be duds without you knowing until months later. 

4. Supplement Your Flowers

A helpful growing tip for beginners is to use supplements on your marijuana while it is flowering. 

You can add sugar and carbs to your buds to create citrus, berry, and sweet flavors. Supplements not only changes the taste of the weed, but they also change how it smells. 

Bloom enhancing supplements can help your plant thrive by providing it with humic and amino acids. This way, the plant can use its energy to grow! If your plant is having a difficult time flowering, you can use PK boosters that are filled with helpful and potent nutrients. 

5. Keep It Warm

Marijuana doesn’t do well in colder temperatures. Instead, it thrives in warm and humid locations.

Unless you live in Florida, you likely don’t have these conditions long enough for a growing period. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this obstacle. By installing temperature and humidity regulating machines, you can control the marijuana’s environment. 

At night, the plants shouldn’t be under direct light. Instead, they should stay in temperates between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should never fall below 40% during the vegetative and flowering stages. 

6. Offer Better Air Quality

Even after you get the temperature and humidity at the right levels, you must still ensure that the airflow is strong enough and of good quality.

If you want good marijuana, you must fill it with good air! Without proper ventilation, the plants may not receive enough carbon dioxide to grow. Clean air is needed because when it combines with light and water and creates the nutrients. This entire process is called photosynthesis. 

7. Get Rid of Other Growth

One of the best marijuana growing tips to follow is to keep your soil clean and free from other growth. 

To get the most out of each plant you will want to ensure that it is getting the proper nutrients. When weeds or other seeds start to grow around your marijuana, it can take from the nutrients.

If you are growing outdoors, many lawn mowing services can help with weed control and keeping your soil clean. 

8. Dry Your Buds

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to smoke your freshly grown buds until they have dried out and cured. 

Drying and curing your marijuana will help make it look and smell better. The more dense your buds are, the longer they have dried and cured. You want your buds to be as dense as possible because it helps make them feel more potent. 

You can dry them in a mason jar for an average of 3-4 weeks before smoking. 

9. Plant in Good Soil

A good quality soil to use for your plants should be made up of 3 things.

Clay, silt, and sand are the most common components of soil. You can purchase some at the store or use what is already on the ground. 

Soils rich in clay can harm marijuana growth because they don’t offer drainage or enough access to oxygen. Some people recommend mixing compost and manure with the soil before planting it outside, to help create better drainage. 

Sandy soils typically work well, but you must monitor how much light it gets.  

10. Don’t Overwater Seedlings

When the plant is at its easiest stages, you mustn’t over-water it. 

You only need to use a small amount of water, otherwise, it can rot your roots and ruin the seeds. Once the seeds turn into small plants, you can give them more water to grow. At this point, you can continue to water the plant so that the top layer is always moist. 

Just make sure the water isn’t pooling up in the bottom of your pot or stuff in stubborn soil. 

Follow These Marijuana Growing Tips

If you have never tried to grow marijuana before, you must do your research. 

Utilizing these marijuana growing tips can help save you time and money. Without proper care, marijuana seeds will never flourish. You must do your part and tend to the plants throughout the entire process. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about growing marijuana legally and getting the most out of each plant!  

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